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Blue Ribbon Nurses International

Blue Ribbon Nurses International (BRNI), an Arizona, United States of America (USA) based corporation providing independent specialized divisions: – Blue Ribbon Nurses Review Center, Roxas City, Philippines… offering to qualified Philippines Regulatory Commission (PRC) Registered Nurses (RN) a proprietary concept of nursing review. – BRNI direct permanent and temporary placement of legally qualified Filipino healthcare professionals with United States of America (USA) healthcare companies. Their mission is to empower the Filipino Nurses through enhanced education using the Career Enhancement and Development Program for global employment and to meet and/or exceed the expectations, requirements and guidelines of the United States (US) healthcare systems through the delivery of quality services, processes and technologies and programs for work-life cultural diversity. BRNI will offer the Career Enhancement and Development Program (CEDP) , a proprietary concept developed by Chita Pestano Dilema, through its affiliate company, the Blue Ribbon Review Center to qualified Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) Registered Nurses (RN), of enhancing the educational and technological training of Filipino nurses.
Location: Blue Ribbon Nurses International 2401 N. 92nd Glen Phoenix , Arizona 85037 USA Tel.No: 623-444-2307

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