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What is ORNAP?

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The Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines or ORNAP is a professional association of operating room nurses, which was established to promote the professional standards of Perioperative Nursing in the Philippines. ORNAP aims to develop and cultivate the professional standards operating nurses through advance education and continuing research activities that promise to add more knowledge and practice of perioperative nursing. The association works in partnership with different healthcare organizations for collaborative training and research activities. ORNAP also aims to sustain the professional relationship among all its members in accord and impart values driven decision making strategies. The organization envisions to develop proficient and self-motivated perioperative nurses dedicated to advancement of the profession and the provision of the best possible perioperative nursing services both here and abroad.

ORNAP evolved out of efforts of three people committed to advancing perioperative nurses, Consuelo Gomez-Arabit. Dr. Antonio Oposa, president of the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS) and Medical Director of Johnson & Johnson (Phils.). ORNAP started its Manila chapter with 144 members in 1974, which then expanded into more chapters across the country. As a non-stock, non-political, and non-sectarian organization, the association is not profit oriented, admits any preoperative nurse regardless of one’s religious beliefs or political affiliation and is not biased towards a particular political, religious or cultural affiliation. Learning to overcome the socio cultural and political barriers is the first step to promoting the standards of the profession. All registered nurses engaged in perioperative nursing as a manager, teacher, practitioner, or researcher are welcome to become part of the group.

At the core of the association’s activities is the conduct of training, seminars and conventions design to advance perioprative nursing practice and profession and other continuing education programs for its members and non members. This includes training seminars on building competencies in managing surgical instruments and learning procedures for minimally invasive surgeries, among many others. The organization primarily gets funding through the annual contribution fees of its members, donations and income generated from its educational programs.

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