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What is NCNZ Approval Letter?

The Nursing Council of New Zealand NCNZ has a tool kit that has been provided for every Health District Boards (DHBs). This tools and information is to provide or give the NCNZ the endorsement process for their nursing entry to practice (NETP) expansion programmed. Because not anyone who wanted to have a job as a nurse in New Zealand can actually work anytime in their place without having to pass or have an approval letter. There are two very important documents to consider when processing the approval letter of the NCNZ.

The NCNZ standards for nurse entry to practice programmes, this kind of practice needs to be pass in order for the applicant as a nurse to approve the application. NCNZ standards for nurse entry to practice expansion program (NETP). It is available and will approve by the council.

Clinical Training Agency Specification for nursing entry to practice (NETP) Expansion Programme. This special tool kit is developed around two documents and the approval and audit process that requires DHB’s to validate the processes and systems are in the place to convene the required documents needed in the agency.

In applying for a NCNZ approval letter, there are four steps to the expansion programmed in order for the applicant to pass the process. This kind of application must be answer with serious intentions of the applicant. The first thing to do is to email expression of interest in the NCNZ office, secondly after writing a letter on the advisor a formal request programme approval that includes the letter of the following documents and information. The documents must pass the necessary papers such as the two copies of the programmed learning framework and the student handbook. This must be carefully studied by the applicant in order for them to familiarize with any rules and regulations of the New Zealand Government.

Next is the Self Assessment against the NCNZ approval tool Standards for nursing entry to practice expansion programs and CTA specifications as an assessment timetable, the copies of the assessments and details of how the programmed content and assessments contribute to the developing nurse towards meeting level to outcomes of the (PDRF) framework. Once all of the required kit, programs, brochures and supplements in addition to learning have been all approved and the information has been given, the applicant will be given a 10 working day prior to the visit.

All the paper works that has been submitted on the NCNZ, they will carefully study, audit, all the given information provided by the applicant check if it pass the standards of the nursing entry to practice programmed and the CTA specifications, and the date of the visit is negotiated with the NCNZ programmed auditor. The third step is the site visit to confirm the documentation given on the desk and includes meeting and program coordinators.

After the visit of the applicant, within a week of the site visit, the DHB will then receive an electronic version of a draft report from the auditor and they will be question to check the report for factual correctness of the papers given. Again the report will be then submitted to NCNZ at the next available meeting. The NCNZ council will think the report and make the decision on the programmed approval. The DHB’s will be notified in writing of the result within a week of the NCNZ meeting.

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