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University of Santo Tomas Nurses Association of America

USTNAA Mission: Serves as a unifying organization of all nursing alumni organization of the Universityof Santo Tomas organized outside the Philippines for purposes of enhancing profession- alism of the Thomasian nurses and to carry out the provision of care with the highest quality and compassion as guided by Christian teachings of the University of Santo Tomas. USTNAA Objectives: 1.Provide an avenue of centralized coordination of projects and activities initiated and implemented by various chapters and affiliates of the USTNAA. 2.Provide support to the UST College of Nursing through financial or in kind donations. 3.Compile an updated database of members at a national scale. 4.Maintain an updated roster of professional resources to meet the needs of its members and that of the UST College of Nursing. 5.Assist and mentor in the formation and reactivation of chapters in North America. 6.Initiate, coordinate and implement scholarship programs to qualified students enrolled at the UST College of Nursing. 7.Collaborate with nursing and professional organizations and in community events geared towards health prevention and promotion. 8.Assist in facilitating adjustment of newly-arrived alumni through referral to individual or organized alumni chapter, professional nursing association in the area of residence. 9.Recognize jubilarians annually in various cities determined by the Executive Board
Location: University of Santo Tomas Nurses Association of America USA

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