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Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

The Philippine Nurses Association was establish to “promote professional growth towards the attainment of highest standards of nursing”, which now served as its philosophical mission. This was realized through the initiative of 150 Filipino professional nurses led by Mrs. Anastacia Giron Tupas on September 2, 1922. The organization was originally known as the Filipino Nurses Association (FNA) and was incorporated two years later in 1924. Seven years after its establishment, the FNA become a member of the International Council of Nurses organizations on July 1929. It was anointed as a member in a council’s congress held in Montreal, Canada. The FNA would later be baptized to its present name, Philippine Nurses Association or PNA for short in 1966, which was simultaneous with the inauguration of its new office at 1663 F.T. Benitez Street, Malate, Manila.

With over 13,000 nurses produced by the country annually, the PNA is one of the biggest professional associations in the country. And because Filipino nurses are very much known to constitute a major part of the country’s main export of manpower, who have often become residents of their foreign employers, PNA envisions of developing not only world class Filipino nurses but world class Filipinos and people of the world. Thus, its vision already exhibits an international orientation. However, the commitment to providing opportunities for the professional growth of the caring and fortifying light giver is still a primary part of its vision.

One of the strategic missions of PNA is to constantly develop programs and direction that will enhance or improve the competencies, expertise and skills of Filipino nurses to be globally competitive. While it is without a doubt that Filipino nurses are indeed of international caliber, PNA strives to continuously develop new programs so that Filipino nurses stay abreast with professional and technological advances and remain in the avant-garde in nursing health care service. Because of the demanding and overwhelming duties and responsibilities of the profession, PNA also commits itself that Filipino nurses will not be working robots by sustaining work life balance, which it pursues by maintain collegial interactions with and among nurses.

Such mission reflects the PNA’s recognition that all work and no play make Jack a dull person. Moreover, PNA not only commits itself to the academic excellence of nurses in their profession. Instead, it adheres on a comprehensive approach into the development of a person by strengthening the internal capacity and capabilities for quality care and services of the nurses. This means the PNA also promotes the development the social, physical and spiritual aspects of a Filipino nurse for a complete development of one’s psyche, which in turn is necessary for one to render unparalleled and dedicated service.

Finally, PNA consistently explore and capitalize on any venture of collaboration for the unification of nurses, not only local nurses but all nurses in the world as they share the common mission of saving lives and helping the sick. This reflects the fundamentals of nursing which is ultimately about caring for the sick regardless of age, sex, belief, race, religion or creed.

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