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Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida

The Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida, Inc. is a professional organization of Filipino nurses known for their quality and compassionate care. All the members are duly licensed as Registered Nurses and Practical Nurses in the state of Florida, with varied specialties working in different institutions throughout the Northeast Florida. The Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida was founded on May 23, 2004. Twelve Filipino nurses came together with a “desire”. Desire for an organization to bind them together of the same profession which is nursing, and the same heritage, that is Filipinos. Desire for an organization to belong to – where they can easily understand and be understood, be it language or the feelings, hopes or frustrations. The desire was translated into objectives to achieve the goal of the organization. A structure was then set up to support implementation of these objectives. Members Volunteered in different capacities. A kick-off membership recruitment was launched and attended by nurses from different institutions. Several meetings were held afterwards to redefine the goals and objectives and the “Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida” was adopted to reflect these goals. The bylaws of the association was formulated and election was held. The association was incorporated September 13, 2004 and was granted a tax-exempt status on August 22, 2005. In two years, the association has grown to more than 350 members. It has launched a variety of activities and education programs to benefit its members and the community at large. It has afforded its members continuing education credits quarterly and annually. Members have been able to participate in community health programs and earn credits that apply toward their institution’s professional requirements. Individual assistance is being offered through the association’s Care Line and Scholarship Programs. Through its networking with other nursing and civic organizations, the association enables its members to have access to workshops, seminars and other useful resources. It recently launched the grand opening of PNA*PMS Health Clinic which provides free health services to the elderly and working uninsured. The association continues to be creative in empowering its members to grow in their profession in order to provide quality care to the people they serve.
Location: PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION OF NORTHEAST FLORIDA, INC. 4850 Motor Yacht Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32225 USA Phone: (904) 565 -1641

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