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Healing Scrubs

December 14, 2015 Category :Online Store 0

Nursing scrubs and medical uniforms that incorporate the principles of color therapy to bring positive healing energy to your workplace. No more blah blues and drab greens! Free downloadable e-book shows you how to choose the right color for your patients and coworkers. Sizes XXS-5XL. Cherokee quality at discount prices. The only way to choose scrubs!
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The Reason Behind the Scrubs

April 22, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Online Store 0

You have probably noticed that the majority of workplaces have a uniform for employees. If not, then a dress code is at least in place. No matter what the uniform is, it needs to be appropriate for the sort of work you do and the activity involved therein. For example, if a nurse were expected to wear a suit to work, it could hinder his or her active work duties and would not be appropriate for the messy work involved. Nurses require a practical uniform in order to perform the duties required of them.

As a nurse works through the day, they need to be able to be physically flexible in their uniform as running around the hospital is often necessary when critical care patients are rushed into ICU, or situations of the like. This uniform should also be comfortable due to the very long hours a nurse is expected to work. Durability is another important factor in a nurse’s uniform because the uniform will need to be thoroughly washed often. Additionally, the long hours worked will cause wear and tear on the uniform, particularly the pockets on scrubs.

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Buy and Sell Used Medical Equipment

September 28, 2013 Category :Online Store 0

MedWOW offers a platform for pre-owned medical equipment dealers, brokers, service providers, medical institutions & clinics, dismantlers and manufacturers from around the world to easily interact with one another, penetrate new markets, and conduct business.
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