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US FDA Approved New Diabetes Drug

October 3, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

There’s a new diabetes drug on the block. Januvia (sitagliptin), from Merck and Co. Inc., received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDS) recently, making it as the newset oral medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

According to the drug’s manufacturer, the novel pill enhances the body’s own ability to lower blood sugar levels. Clinical trials investigating the new drug’s efficiency and safety show that the drug works just as well as older diabetes drugs, but with fewer side effects like weight gain.
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Nov 2009 Nursing Board Exam Passers – Oathtaking Schedule

September 26, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Successful examinees of November 2009 Nursing Board Exam are advised to personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals at the PRC Office.

Those who will register are required to bring the following:

1. Duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
2. Current Community Tax Certificate (cedula)
3. 2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background and complete name tag)
4. 1 piece 1” x 1” picture (colored with white background and complete name tag)
5. 2 sets of metered documentary stamps, and 1 short brown envelope with name and profession
6. Initial Registration Fee of P600 and Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2010-2013. » Continue Reading

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Job Opportunities In USA And New Zealand

September 21, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

EDI-STAFFBUILDERS INTERNATIONAL, INC., is considered a premier international Search & Recruitment solutions provider from the Philippines. They are recognized as the global recruitment service provider of multi-cultural talents to its clientele and is approaching its 31 years of existence in global recruitment, continues to provide PROFESSIONALS for the HEALTHCARE Industry. It is noteworthy to mention that they have provided recruitment assistance and successfully deployed Healthcare workers to Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

Their principals in the United States and New Zealand are in need of Nurses with the following qualifications:


  • Local Registered Nurse
  • At least 1 year clinical experience (volunteer or regular employment)
  • IELTS Exam passer with 6.5 Overall band score and 7.0 score in Speaking
  • CGFNS International Qualifying Examination and/or NCLEX-RN Passer
  • CGFNS/ICHP Visa Screen

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US Career Opportunity For Registered Nurses And Other Healthcare Professionals

September 15, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 1

Good news to everyone that LVH-Ortiz Business and Immigration Consultancy Corp. (LOBICC) is now having its job opening ready for deployment in different hospitals/employer in the USA through its US based principal sponsor, the Phil-American Global Resources, LLC (PAGR) which is based in Kentucky, USA.

For those interested contact +632-8716625 or simply visit LOBICC in person @ 2/F TSVJ Bldg. Crispina Ave., Pamplona 3, Las Pinas City. Their expert personnel are beyond ready to assist you in whatever business or Visa assistance you may need.
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Japan May Ease Visa Rules For Foreign Nurses, Dentists

September 14, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Due to Japan’s fast-aging and shrinking population, the immigration bureau is considering a plan to abolish visa limits for hundreds of nurses from the Philippines and Indonesia that currently restrict them to working in Japan for only seven years. A bureau official said it may also soon invite nurses from other countries.

The changes may come as early as this month and as soon as the bureau formally endorses a new five-year policy plan, the official said.

We are considering abolishing the limitation,” he said. “As we are facing an era with a shrinking population, it is important to accept fresh blood from other Asian countries, which are growing rapidly.

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Great News!!! Wanna Be A Nurse Now???

September 14, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

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Gracepatt Ecotours Kenya

September 11, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Gracepatt Ecotours Kenya is a non- profit organization, based in Nairobi , Kenya. Registration No. C. 169202.

They mobilizes and deploys local and international volunteers to work with local communities, wildlife and habitats. They take volunteers from different parts of the world and deploys them around Rural and urban Primary schools, Kenya National Parks, Game Reserve, Children Orphanages, Old Age homes and other places of national interests.

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Pancreatic Cells Interact to Balance Glucose

September 10, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

It is a known fact that hormones in the pancreas help regulate glucose pancreatic beta cells produce insulin which help reduce sugar levels, and alpha cells produce glucagon which boosts them. However, this glucose balance must be within a narrow interval, and both insulin and glucagon are needed to remain healthy.
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Ankle Mobility Impaired in Diabetes

September 8, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 1

A new study has proven that people with long-standing diabetes are prone to impairment of their ankle function despite not having peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy, which is linked to diabetes, is a progressive deterioration of nerve function in the extremities that can cause chronic pain, numbness, weakness and tingling sensations in the feet.
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Pinoy Nurses Seek End To Visa Retrogression

August 13, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

CEBU, Philippines – The Philippine Nurses Association of America assured Filipino nurses dreaming to work in the United States that talks are going on between nurse communities and senators in the US to include in their health care reform the end of visa retrogression.

This would hopefully open more doors for employment of Filipino nurses that would fill the 15 percent shortage in healthcare personnel in many parts of the US. » Continue Reading

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Jobs Board For Nurses in the UK

August 13, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 1

Nurse Jobs UK is a jobs board for Nurses in the UK. They offer CV and application advice through their blogs and videos. Get your dream nursing job by following Nurse Jobs UK application tips and CV writing advice.

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PTs and OTs – Be in the U.S. for 2010!

July 23, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Don’t miss this opportunity!
FREE TOEFL-iBT + FREE Credentialing
Requirement: Currently working in a hospital or rehabilitation clinic
Iloilo – Emilion Function Room, General Luna St. Iloilo City
Dec18,2009 4PM to 8PM and Dec19,2009 9AM to 5PM
Davao – Silver Room, Apo View Hotel 150J Camus St. Davao City
Jan8,2010 4PM to 8PM and Jan9,2010 9AM to 5PM

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The Golden Review and Training Specialist : the Review Center of Choice!

July 9, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

The Golden Review and Training Specialist, Inc. offers a comprehensive review program for the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination for all Filipino nursing graduates and alike embarking on the task of taking the board exam. » Continue Reading

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St. Luke’s College of Medicine- William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM)

June 21, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 1

Where Academic Excellence is Our Priority

St. Luke’s College of Medicine- William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM) is the medical school of the St. Luke’s Medical Center, the first JCIA accredited hospital in the country. SLCM is interested in identifying applicants for a Doctor of Medicine degree who aim for academic excellence with compassion, integrity, and commitment. Our administration, faculty, staff and graduates are committed to serve the wholistic medical needs of all sectors of society. We are looking for students who are best characterized by a strong desire to develop into exceptional clinicians and/or academicians as leaders of the medical profession, and innovators in biomedical science, clinical care, research, public health and safety. » Continue Reading


June 18, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools| Placement Agencies 0

With almost two decades of industry experience, PanArkis specializes in recruiting for the Media Industry and now are effectively catering to Health Care since last three years.

PanArkis exist today with a lot of experience. Over the past years, they have recruited doctors, medical directors, registered nurses, technologists, therapists, IT professionals, hospital engineers, and many, many more. » Continue Reading


Iloilo Doctors College

March 4, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

ILOILO DOCTORS COLLEGE is a tertiary educational institution. It is committed to provide the balance development of individuals through a responsive and integrated formation of professionals who are equipped with the proper knowledge, skills, attitude and values pertinent to the exercise of their respective professions. The College is committed to provide the best opportunities for its student clientele to lead exemplary and fulfilled lives. This, the College aims to accomplish by adhering to the highest ideals in all aspect of its educational endeavor the physical, intellectual and spiritual development of those who choose to come under its tutelage. As part of the nations educational system, the College also aims to contribute its own humble way to the attainment of the national goals of economic development and social progress, the maximum participation of all the people in the attainment and strengthening of national unity and consciousness and the preservation, development and promotion of desirable cultural, moral and spiritual values.
Location: Iloilo Doctors College West Ave., Molo, Iloilo City Phone Number: (33) 338-2830 / 337-0034

Holy Angels Institute of Practical Nursing

January 16, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Holy Angels Institute of Practical Nursing is a pioneer in Practical Nursing education in the Philippines. Founded in 2002, HAIPN offers a one-year Practical Nursing course and then assists its students with placement in hospitals and other health care facilities overseas particularly in North America. HAIPN seeks to address the demand for nursing education given the increasing need for nurses abroad, with a curriculum patterned after Northern American Practical Nursing program specifically to ensure that is students are equipped to pass the necessary exams for placement in health care facilities in the United States. HAIPN ensures that its students will acquire the necessary knowledge to become excellent nurses and guarantees assistance for nurses to fulfill their international careers. The HAIPN Practical Nursing Program lasts for a year and includes both classroom study and supervised clinical practice particularly that of patient care. Classroom study covers basic nursing concepts and patient care-related subjects, including anatomy, physiology, medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatric nursing, the administration of drugs, nutrition and first aid. Clinical practice is usually held in the hospital but occasionally includes other settings.
Location: Holy Angels Institute of Practical Nursing 2/F Community Chest Foundation Bldg. 815 Remedios Street Malate, Manila Tel. (02)522-4531 Tel./Fax. (02)303-0047

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University of Nueva Caceres

September 30, 2013 Category :Nursing Schools 0

University of Nueva Caceres Department of Nursing General Objective To develop quality graduate nurses who are competent, dedicated, and deeply committed for the service of God, country, and humanity. Specific Objectives: To provide a wholistic and integrated understanding, appreciation and acceptance of self and others as unique persons imbued with worth and dignity. To develop compassionate and person-oriented values towards conscientious, responsive and responsible nursing care and service. To fully equip the students with adequate skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values for the promotion of health and life, prevention of illness, alleviation of human suffering and restoration of health. To develop critical thinking and sound decision-making in analyzing and acting on varied clinical and non-clinical situations. To respond to local and international demand for nurses who are efficient, effective and trustworthy in the practice of the profession.
Location: University of Nueva Caceres Ground Flr. J. Hernandez Building, UNC Naga City, Philippines 4400 Phone+63 54 8116100 loc. 26

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Nursing Aide Course Tesda

August 18, 2013 Category :Nursing Schools 1

Nursing Aide Course in Tesda pertains to the Health Care Services NC II qualification which is composed of competencies that a person must attain in order to qualify as a Nursing Attendant, Nursing Aide, Hospital Assistant or Health Aide. The basic competencies included Participate in workplace communication, Work in a team environment, Practice career professionalism, and occupational health and safety procedures.

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San Lorenzo Ruiz School of Health Sciences

January 30, 2013 Category :Nursing Schools 0

The School of Health Sciences, College of Nursing, was conceived by Mrs. Helen Yuchengco Dee, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. She presented the concept to Dr. Reynaldo Vea, president of the MIT. Subsequently, a feasibility study was undertaken the results of which favored the opening of the school. Since its founding on January 25, 1925, MIT has pioneered in technical education. Thus, many alumni questioned the opening of a School of Health Sciences, specifically the incorporation of nursing as a course in the academic programs. As an integral part of Mapa Institute of Technology (MIT), the School of Health Sciences shares the Institutes mission and vision. Specifically, it is committed to develop health resources which are socially responsive to human welfare through the implementation of a strong, dynamic, values-oriented, community based curriculum. It shall integrate state of the art technology to achieve academic excellence in an environment conducive to learning and caring. The College of Nursing believes in the dignity and worth of the individual, his social, spiritual and cultural heritage, and innate capacity to develop holistically, if given the opportunity. Thus, the students shall be encouraged to take advantage of the schools extensive resources and to reflect and achieve this in their personal life and relationship with clients (individual, family, group, community) across life span irrespective of race, gender, creed, or socio-economic status. The philosophy of the College of Nursing is anchored on the belief that its major role is to prepare a well-integrated, values-oriented human being and professional nurse; it hopes to achieve this though its balanced general education and values-oriented curriculum and nursing program. The BSN program shall prepare practitioners of nursing as generalists capable of providing health care to meet the needs of clients, their families and others in institutional and community settings. The College believes that professional nursing involves care and support of clients that is based on evidence-based practice and well-established knowledge of nursing phenomena. It shall encourage and require its students, faculty and staff to conduct and participate in inter and intra-disciplinary research that are of concern in the delivery of health care in the Philippines. The College of Nursing, recognizing the valuable and viable role which nurses play in the delivery and management of community health-care systems, shall participate in the development of programs and researches that improve the quality of nursing practice and help achieve optimum health levels of clients and their families. The College shall endeavour to develop programs that promote MITs tradition of excellence in education, research and community service. These programs are the following: – Teaching and Curriculum Development – Continuing Education ( Human Resource Capability Building) – Organizational Development – Community Service – To realize Research and Creative Writing
Location: San Lorenzo Ruiz School of Health Sciences Mezzanine Floor, Mapua IT Center Bldg. 333 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City Philippines Phone: + 63 (2) 897-6877

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