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152 Nursing Schools Face Closure for Poor Board Performance

May 6, 2015 Category :Nursing News 0

MANILA, Philippines – A total of 152 nursing schools face closure for registering poor passing percentages in the nursing licensure examinations over the past five years.

However, Emmanuel Angeles, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chairman, said the 152 nursing schools will be given another chance in next year’s nursing examinations. » Continue Reading

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Filipino Nurses Taking the NCLEX Exam Continues to Drop

March 3, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing News 0

According to the latest Stats released by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Filipino Nurses taking the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX) continous to drop this year. NCSBN Statistics showed that only 4,354 Filipino Nurses took the NCLEX exam from January to September of this year as compared to the 7,780 who took the NCLEX exam in the same period last year.

According to LPGMA party-list Rep. Arnel Ty

The US labor market for foreign nurses is shrinking. America itself is producing more nurses, and fewer healthcare service providers there are making new hires in light of continuing government subsidy cutbacks

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More Filipino Nurses Now Opting To Work in UK Than US

March 1, 2015 Category :Nursing News 1

More and more Filipino nurses are now opting to work in the United Kingdom than in the United States, according to local recruiters.

Citing data from the UK Borders and Immigration Agency, recruitment leaders yesterday said that the number of Filipino nurses deployed to UK in the past three years has already surpassed those deployed to the US in the same period.

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MDC – Top Nursing College

February 18, 2015 Category :Nursing News 0

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) announced recently the top-performing schools offering the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in the country for 2009. These schools rated higher than 40.70% national passing average set by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the school’s number of exam takers in the 2009 June and November results of the Nursing Licensure Examinations. Among nursing colleges, MDC topped the list with a rating of 69.63%. MDC ranks 3rd among nursing colleges and universities. The top three schools for each range are:

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Aspirin May Guard Against Skin Cancer

January 23, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing News 0

Aspirin and other commonly used painkillers may help guard against skin cancer, according to a new study about to be published online in the journal CANCER, that was led by researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

Previous studies have already suggested that NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, and other prescription and over the counter drugs, can reduce people’s risk of developing some cancers.

For example, earlier this year, three studies in The Lancet bolstered the evidence that a daily low dose of aspirin may protect people in middle age against cancer, particularly those at higher risk.

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Moratorium on new nursing, teaching courses–CHEd

January 8, 2015 Category :Nursing News 0

MANILA, Philippines—The Commission on Higher Education has imposed a moratorium on the opening of new programs in business administration, nursing, teacher education, hotel and restaurant management, and information technology education, effective school year 2011-2012, it was learned Tuesday.

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CHED to ‘failing’ Nursing Schools : Shape Up or Close Shop

January 5, 2015 Category :Nursing News 2

The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) warned nursing schools with dismal board examination passing rates to shape up within the next three years or close shop.

CHEd Executive Director Julito Vitriolo said on Tuesday that “more than 100 nursing schools” around the country would be closed by 2013 if their average board exam passing rate for the next three years remained below 30 percent, the minimum set by CHEd Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 14 Series of 2009.
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Best Paying Nursing Jobs

January 4, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs| Nursing News 0

It is common knowledge that the compensation at work is one of the greatest motivator for a person to work harder.  Better pay equals better financial independence and better ability to support and sustain one’s needs and that of one’s families.  Thus, it is but natural for nurses to opt to start their careers in positions that promise a bigger pay for them in the future.  Following are the best paying jobs in the nursing profession.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Nurses are often undermined as assistants of doctors despite the crucial role they play in healthcare.  In most cases, it is the doctors who reap the financial benefits and rewards of the healthcare profession.  In lieu of which, a nurse has to specialized on a certain hospital service in order to reap greater pay.  A profitable option is being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). This nurse is primarily responsible for facilitating anesthesia in surgery. To become a CRNA however, entails further graduate studies, training and specialization.  This would basically mean further schooling and investing money in education.

Nurse practitioner.  Another lucrative option to earn better is becoming a nurse practitioner.  A nurse practitioner (NP) is essentially a nurse who may conduct regular medical procedures under the supervision of a licensed physician.  The NP basically works as a doctor except that one is a nurse that’s why one is giving higher salaries compared to ordinary nurses.

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Lifestyle Counseling in General Practice May Prevent Further Weight Gain

December 30, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing News 0

Lifestyle counseling by nurse practitioners (NPs) or general practitioners (GPs) leads to similarly effective prevention of further weight gain among overweight and obese patients, according to 3-year results of a randomized controlled trial reported in the February 28 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

According to Nancy C. W. ter Bogt, MSc, from the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, and colleagues

Weight regain after initial loss of weight is common, which indicates a need for lifestyle counselling aimed at preventing weight gain instead of weight loss  This study was conducted to determine whether structured lifestyle counseling by nurse practitioners (NPs) group compared with usual care by general practitioners (GP-UC) in overweight and obese patients can prevent (further) weight gain

The study sample consisted of 457 patients with a body mass index (calculated as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) of 25 to 40, and either hypertension or dyslipidemia or both, seen at 11 general practice locations in the Netherlands. Mean age was 56 years, and 52% were women. Participants were randomly assigned to the NP group, receiving lifestyle counseling with guidance of the NP using a standardized software program, or to the GP-UC group, receiving usual care from their GP. The primary study endpoints were changes after 3 years in body weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, and fasting glucose and blood lipid levels.

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Hospitals Embrace Wireless Radiography

December 30, 2014 Category :Hospitals| Nursing News 0

Radiography systems outfitted with wireless interfaces are redefining how radiography is practiced and equipment is purchased.

Hospitals are sharing wireless detectors across mobile radiography systems and radiography/fluoroscopy systems, as administrators plan future purchases to capitalize on newfound efficiencies. Left in the dust is computed radiography (CR), whose phosphor plates now serve as the stepping stones to digital radiography (DR).

With wireless detectors priced at approximately $100,000 each, sharing is crucial in today’s cost-conscious environment. Besides allowing a detector to travel on rounds with a mobile radiography unit in the morning and join the emergency department in the afternoon and evening, sharing allows hospitals to experiment with workflows and ramp up their purchases as demand allows.

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Filipinos and Indians Dominate Nursing Profession in UAE

December 26, 2014 Category :Nursing News 2

A research conducted by the association of nurses in the United Arab Emirates showed that Filipinos and Indian nationals dominate the nursing workforce in UAE.
UAE news site Khaleej Times said

According to the study, of the total 23,433 nurses from different nationalities working in the country, only 759 were Emiratis. Of this total, only 12 were male [Emiratis]. Indians andFilipinos continued to dominate the workforce

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Filipina Nurse Wins Leadership Award in New York City

December 23, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

It is common knowledge that Filipina nurses working abroad are well-liked by patients because of their efficient performance. Most of all, they have gentle touch and innate kindness.

One of these nurses is Belina Diaz-Perez, nurse manager of the Coronary Care Unit of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. She recently received the prestigious Nurse Leadership Award 2010 during Nurses Week Celebration on May 9-13.
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Emerging healthcare careers

December 2, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Jobs| Nursing News 0

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Freedom needs a little nursing

November 25, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing News 0


Having received my RN license in 2007, I still am relatively young in ”
nursing years” which, as we all know, are different from “human years.” Human years are filled with happiness and sadness; birth and death; unbelievable stress and unending boredom; love and anger; sickness and, of course, the elusive good health.

Nursing years, too, are filled with all those things but then are multiplied by every patient for whom we have cared. Whether we are aware, through our eyes and ears, hands and hearts, voices and actions, we have gleaned time. » Continue Reading

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HPV Linked To Heart Problems In Women

November 22, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles| Nursing News 0

Women infected with cancer-causing strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) appear also to be at increased for cardiovascular diseases and stroke, even in the absence of other more conventional risk factors, according to new research published in the 1 November issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Lead author Dr Ken Fujise, Director, Division of Cardiology at University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, told the press that nearly 20% of people who develop cardiovascular disease show none of the traditional risk factors normally associated with it, suggesting there are some “non-traditional” risk factors.

According to Fujise


HPV appears to be one such factor among women

This has important clinical implications. First, the HPV vaccine may also help prevent heart disease. Second, physicians should monitor patients with cancer-associated HPV to prevent heart attack and stroke, as well as HPV patients already diagnosed with CVD to avoid future cardiovascular events.

The study is thought to be the first of its kind to examine the link between cardiovascular disease and HPV, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the US.

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New Combined-Tool Imaging May Spot Hard To Detect Ovarian Cancer

November 17, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

Using only minimally invasive surgery, a device that combines three previously unrelated imaging tools may help diagnose hard to detect early-stage ovarian cancer in high-risk women, thanks to the efforts of researchers from the University of Connecticut and the University of Southern California in the US. The researchers, who propose the new approach may be better than the current standard method of preemptively removing the ovaries, write about how they tested their device in the September issue of Biomedical Optics Express, the Optical Society of America’s (OSA) open-access journal.

The survival rates for ovarian cancer are low because the disease is hard to detect, hence its reputation as the “silent killer”. The authors write that the disease “is predominantly diagnosed in Stages III or IV due to the lack of reliable symptoms, as well as the lack of efficacious screening techniques”.

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Watching SpongeBob Squarepants, Fast-Paced Fantasy May Impede Kids’ Learning

November 17, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

Watching fast-paced, fantasy television programs like SpongeBob Squarepants may impede children’s learning by compromising their “executive function”, or their ability to pay attention, problem-solve and control their behavior, according to new research soon to be published in the October issue of Pediatrics.

Executive function is a concept that psychologists and neuroscientists use to describe a set of brain processes that helps people connect experience to action, and includes skills such as planning, organizing, paying attention, remembering details, and inhibiting inappropriate behavior.

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9/11 Ten Years On – The Health Effects On Rescue Workers

November 16, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

A decade on, 9/11 rescue workers and WTC exposed civilians have been found to have a higher burden of mental and physical illness, a 19% higher risk of developing cancer, but lower death rates than the general population in New York City, experts have revealed.

The September 11 attacks, also known as the 9/11 attacks or simply 9/11 occurred on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Four suicide attacks were carried out against the USA:

* 19 terrorists belonging to al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger planes.
* Two of the passenger jets were intentionally crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City. Within two hours both towers collapsed.

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Health secretary tells students: Avoid nursing

November 7, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

Even Health Secretary Enrique Ona is advising incoming college students: Stay out of nursing.

In a consultation here on Monday, Ona noted that too many nurses were needing jobs here and abroad, while many nursing schools were closing following a government-mandated review of their quality of instruction.

“If I have a daughter today, I would not let her take up nursing,” said Ona, the former executive director of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute.

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Who’s the ‘tweet-est’ nurse in the world?

November 5, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

After turning Manila into the “texting capital of the world,” Pinoys are now making their mark in the Twitter world of short, real-time social media content.

Ronnievinn Pagtakhan, a registered nurse and a teacher at Centro Escolar University (CEU) and Mapua Institute of Technology , was named winner of Twitter’s international Shorty Award in the nurse category at ceremonies at the Times Center in New York on March 28.

A former United States-based nurse, Ronnievinn tied for first place with American Matthew Browning, the founder of YourNurseIsOn.com.

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