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Nurses for Yemen

July 5, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 16

Company: Northwest Placement

Saudi Medical Services managing two hospitals in Yemen is in need of NURSES. – 1Yr Hospital Experience for immediate deployment – Deployment in 30 days – Yearly paid vacation with round trip air ticket For inquiries, contact NORTHWEST PLACEMENT INC

Registered Nurses for Kuwait

June 23, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 43

Company: A&C International Resources

Hadi Hospital Kuwait is need of REGISTERED NURSES. 20 – LABOR & DELIVERY Qualifications: – Female, below 48 years old. – With appropriate clinical experience in area of specialty (min of 3 years) – With working experience in accredited / certified hospital (preferred) – Computer literate – Excellent verbal & written English Contact A&C International Resources for inqiries.

Medical Technologist & Radiologic Technologist Needed

June 13, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 3

Company: Hospital of the Infant Jesus

The Hospital of the Infant Jesus has job openings for the following positions: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES (Must undergo one-month training) RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIES BS in Radiologic Technology, must undergo one-month training (preferably with previous experience) Requiremets: – Resume with one 2X2 picture – Transcript of Records – Breakdown of Board Rating – Valid PRC License Pls submit all requirements to the HRD Office; Room 651, 1556 Laon Laan Rd, Sampaloc Manila. Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM to 4PM

Hotel Nurse Hiring

May 20, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 1

A hotel nurse is essentially a nurse who works in a hotel instead of a hospital. Apparently healthcare service is a necessary service that should be immediately available everywhere because of the urgency of its service during emergency situations. Moreover, the existence of healthcare service within a hotel is also a come on marketing strategy for the hospital industry in improving their services to their guests.

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Nurse Salary – 5 Tips To Increase Your Nursing Salary

March 29, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Jobs 0

Nurses are known for achieving some great salaries that make them among the better paid professionals today especially in the United States. Whether the degree was achieved through formal school or through an online school, the benefits and the salary are the same. This is precisely the reason why a lot of students who will be graduating this year are seriously considering taking up Nursing.

With the existing rates of nurses today and the ever-increasing prices of commodities, many nursing professionals are clamoring for even higher rates. And yes, there are many ways to achieve this goal.

Here are 5 most effective ways to get that salary increase.

1. Negotiate salary increases

This is easier said than done. With this task, one is needed to be aggressive in order to get a raise. If one is shy and silent all the time, the employer will probably be thinking that he or she is comfortable with the current rate. Unless someone starts to do the talking, nobody would start listening.

Of course, it is not also advised that one just rushes up to the employer and ask for that raise without being prepared with the tools. Should the employer ask for some documents to support the request, be ready.

2. Be aware of the salary ceiling in your profession

One mistake people have is that they are not aware of the salary rate of their profession. To address this, it would help to do research within the state. The internet can provide these data as well as the labor office. If one thinks that his or her current salary is below the ceiling rate, then a raise is definitely called for.

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Medical Transcription Training – Quality Training at Low Cost!

March 2, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 7

Be a Medical Transcriptionist and start a new career.

* LOWEST TUITION FEE versus other MT schools
* Industry set training program by top-notch and nationally certified trainers
* Home-based learning at your convenience. » Continue Reading

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Male/Female Staff Nurses

February 22, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 11

Company: SaviourMed International Placement Inc.

MS, General Ward, ICU, ER, OR, Renal – With at least 6months or more hospital experience RNs Interview -21-24 June & 28-29 July 2008 SNB exam: 25 June 2008 & 30 July 2008

Nurses – All Areas

February 11, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 4

Company: Skills International Company Inc.

Nurses – All Areas King Fahn Armed Forces Hospital Riyadh Military Hospital Al Hada & Taif Military Hospital Armed Forces Hospital Programme Northwest Armed Forces Hospital Earn from US$6,400 – US$14,080 per annum. Final interview dates: November 6-9; 20-23, 2006 Requirements: – Female – Bachelor Degree (College/University Graduate) – Must be registered with Minimum 2-3 yrs. working experience in a HOSPITAL Benefits: – Free Uniform IQAMA – Medical Benefits – Free Housing and Transpo – Yearly paid vacation leave, round-trip ticket, .5 gratuity pay for every year of service To apply, email your resume to recruitment@skills-intl.com You may also apply personally at Skills International Company Inc. 2F Discovery Plaza Bldg., 1674 Mabini St., Malate, Manila

A Rewarding Career As a Midwife

February 8, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Jobs 0

The midwife profession is one of the most underestimated medical practices in the world despite is its extreme value to society.  Unknown to many, the practice of Midwifery had been an age old profession even before the notion of medicine or even medical profession had been conceptualized.  Midwifery had been the traditional help for humans to give birth since ancient times.

Midwifery pertains to the healthcare provision to pregnant women before and after giving birth.  This includes giving sufficient support and care to women during pregnancy, helping women during labor and birth and providing care during the postpartum period. While the job is as complex as it is, midwifery is indeed a rewarding career choice.

First of, midwifery is not simply about helping people to give birth.  It is about helping a new person to be brought into this world. It is partaking to God’s giving of the gift of life to a person.  Midwives are instruments of God in bringing the gift of life to a person and the gift of a child to parents.

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RNs for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

February 8, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 1

Company: Petra City Overseas

Qualifications : * Must have passed the CGFNS or NCLEX examination * Must have passed the local board examination * Must have at least one year of hospital experience * Female Duties and Responsibilities * Set up the health room. * Check health supplies from previous summer. Determine what additional supplies, drugs, and equipment will be needed. * Obtain supplies and pharmaceuticals. Save receipts for reimbursement. * Make presentation to counseling and teaching staff on the health program and basic first aid and safety. * Review all health forms prior to student registration. Make note of students with potential health problems, students taking medications, students whose forms are incomplete (especially those lacking signatures for permission to treat), and students whose health forms have not yet been received. * As each student registers, attend to any of the problems stated above. Discuss special health concerns with parents; determine if parents give permission for their child to keep and administer his/her own medication; see that each student has a completed health form before the parent leaves. * Make presentation to the entire camp at each session’s Opening Ceremonies on basic first aid and safety. * After registration, compile a list of health concerns and relevant information regarding students. Copies are made for teaching, counseling, administrative, and recreation staff, for the health room, program files, and first aid kit. Copies are distributed Monday afternoon through the staff mail boxes. * Make a written summary of presenting health concerns, health problems requiring medical care or consultation, and health room use patterns to be included in the Nurse Manual. * Itemize carryover health room pharmaceuticals and supplies. Make a records of drugs and supplies to be reordered the following summer. * Pack and store health room pharmaceuticals and supplies. Discard outdated drugs. * Write letters thanking any additional medical service providers

Physical Therapist with NPTE Sponsorship Program

January 15, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 1

* Licensed Physical Therapist
* Not more than 45 years old

Sponsorship Coverage:
* NPTE In-House Review – 90% Pass Rate
* NYSED Credentialing
* Visa to the USA for NPTE Exam
* Roundtrip Airfare tickets
* Accommodations
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How to Write a Good Nursing Resume

January 10, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 0

Your resume is the first thing that a potential employer will know you existed. Thus, it is the first step to finding your dream job. Most applicants consider their resume as a mere document that contains a summary of information about a person. However for the smart applicant, it is a document that will allow one to be noticed by an employer and stand out above the rest of the applicants. A winning resume will not only allow one to get employed, it can also help command a better salary, facilitate promotion and make oneself in demand.

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Best Paying Nursing Jobs

January 4, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs| Nursing News 0

It is common knowledge that the compensation at work is one of the greatest motivator for a person to work harder.  Better pay equals better financial independence and better ability to support and sustain one’s needs and that of one’s families.  Thus, it is but natural for nurses to opt to start their careers in positions that promise a bigger pay for them in the future.  Following are the best paying jobs in the nursing profession.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Nurses are often undermined as assistants of doctors despite the crucial role they play in healthcare.  In most cases, it is the doctors who reap the financial benefits and rewards of the healthcare profession.  In lieu of which, a nurse has to specialized on a certain hospital service in order to reap greater pay.  A profitable option is being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). This nurse is primarily responsible for facilitating anesthesia in surgery. To become a CRNA however, entails further graduate studies, training and specialization.  This would basically mean further schooling and investing money in education.

Nurse practitioner.  Another lucrative option to earn better is becoming a nurse practitioner.  A nurse practitioner (NP) is essentially a nurse who may conduct regular medical procedures under the supervision of a licensed physician.  The NP basically works as a doctor except that one is a nurse that’s why one is giving higher salaries compared to ordinary nurses.

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Nurses Can Help Patients Manage Vices

January 2, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing Jobs 0

Getting someone to change his habits is hard, but it’s part of a  nurse’s job. . Here’s a look at some common vices and how you can help.

Tobacco: Coming up with smoking cessation goals and interventions for patients can be difficult, especially when it is estimated that 18 percent of nurses themselves take regular puffs of tobacco. Many people leave quitting smoking to be their next New Year’s resolution or perhaps wait until a pregnancy. But nurses know that there’s no greater incentive to quit smoking than one’s own health. If your unit or clinic doesn’t have local resources for smoking cessation programs, take it upon yourself to start your own informational billboard (with your supervisor’s approval).

Not enough exercise: After a grueling work day, what feels better then plopping down on that recliner and watching some TV? One study asserts that such lazy lifestyles cause more deaths than smoking. Going for a brisk evening run, hopping on a bike, or even walking around the neighborhood for half an hour are all options that might make you feel better and healthier in the long term. It’s the nurse’s job to encourage positive change in patients, so even small suggestions like keeping a weekly physical activity log might help the patient to start a brand new exercise regimen.

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Hospice Nurse

December 28, 2014 Category :Nursing Jobs 0

A hospice nurse is a kind of care and values of care that gives extra attention on the palliation of a terminally ill patient’s symptom. These symptoms can be diagnosed true physical, emotional, spiritual or sometimes social in nature. The idea of a hospice has been surfacing since the 11th century. From then on hospices were places of hospitality for the sick which needed some extra attention, wounded that needs to be treated immediately, for the dying as well as for the travelers and pilgrims.

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Staff Nurses for Egypt

December 3, 2014 Category :Nursing Jobs 5

Company: Kirsten Recruitment

A State-of-the-Art private hospital in Cairo, Egypt is in need of STAFF NURSES Qualifications: – ICU/CCU, Medical/ Surgical Ward, ER – Male or Female – Minimum of 2 yrs hospital based experience Employers representative will conduct interview in Manila on March 5-6, 2007 and in Cebu on March 8-9,2007 “Over ONE HUDRED FIFTY Filipino nurses were employed by the Hospital since 1999”

Emerging healthcare careers

December 2, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Jobs| Nursing News 0

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Taking care of HIV patients

December 2, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing Jobs 0

At the moment, medical science has not yet found a categorical cure against AIDS.  While isolated, rare and miraculous stories of healing had occurred, taking care of HIV patients remain as the best way for HIV patients to live normal and healthy lives.  HIV per se is not deadly.  However, having HIV makes the body more vulnerable and weaker against diseases. Even simple diseases like flu can become fatal to HIV patients because of their weak immune system to fight off diseases.  Thus, the best way to combat HIV is to live a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid any sickness. Obviously however, this is not a easy task because of the stereotypes against HIV patients, that can cause stress depression and further weaken a patient.   Here under are some tips in taking care HIV patients.

Take it easy.  While having an HIV does not necessarily mean changing your lifestyle, HIV patients should take extra care of themselves because their bodies are weaker or more vulnerable to disease. This means they should be less aggressive than what they use to do.  They should limit their inclination to stay up late but instead ensure that they get to sleep at least eight hours a day.  If they use to engage aggressively in different physical activities, they should minimize them to lessen their vulnerability to injuries.

Maintain positive attitude.  This is one of the most difficult things to do for a person suffering a deadly disease like HIV. To help HIV patients maintain a positive attitude, engage them in activities that will liberate them from worry or stress.  Let the patient do things that he/ she enjoy doing i.e. listening to music, playing music, reading books, watching television, etc.

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Getting job for new qualified nurses

November 30, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles| Nursing Jobs 0

Every year, there are thousands of newly qualified nurses that are produced in the Philippines who in turn join the million more Filipinos in the labor market looking for jobs.  In short, there is an obvious difficulty of getting a job even for qualified nurses in the Philippines.  Are there really no available jobs for nurses?  The truth is there is really a great demand for nurses both locally and internationally.  Unfortunately, the local health care industry just does not have the sufficient funds to accommodate additional nurses and address the shortage.  According to HealthWrights in 2004, there is 1 nurse for every 16,000 Filipinos.   The ideal nurse to patient ration is 1:1000.   Hence, there is a backlog of additional 15 nurses for every 16,000 Filipinos.     Since it’s about healthcare, a higher ratio would always be an improvement.   Hence, the number of Filipino nurses could have ideally helped improve the health care situation in the Philippines and could have sufficiently get employed by today.

With local employment difficult to find, the next logical option for nurses is to find employment abroad. Many research studies claim that there is a great demand of nurse professionals  abroad because of the aging population of certain countries and their corresponding decreasing supply of nurses.  This is actually true especially in the US and the UK.  However, it is still difficult to get a job in these countries especially with the rigorous requirements that they impose.  Chances are, one can opt to find employment in countries where it is easier to secure visas and work permits like the middle east and find your way to Canada, the US or the UK.  A great percentage of Filipino nurses can still find work abroad although not immediately in US, Canada or the UK.

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Why Nursing School is the Right Choice for You

November 28, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Announcements| Nursing Articles| Nursing Jobs| Nursing Schools 0

Why nursing school is the right choice for many individuals who wanted to have a degree in nursing.  Choosing the right school to enroll is very important for a student to mold or shape his/her career as a nurse.  Being a professional nurse entails a lot of money, time, studies, sacrifices, planning, hardworking, training and love on the chosen course.  Nursing school is the right choice because now days the nurses are very in demand outside the country.  Countries like USA, Canada, Japan Middle East are the place who wanted to have a Filipino nurses.  Because of the expertise and knowledge on how to perform as a nurse helps them to minimize their work as attending nurse to their patients.  Choosing to become nurse as mention takes a lot of money, enrolling as a nurse at this time is not a big  joke, one has the money to cover all the expenses like tuition fees, seminars and others  especially the board exams, one has to pass this exam to enable them to have a degree as  professional nurse, next is time, of course taking up nursing will take a longer time 4 years to five years are long enough to study nursing career, sacrifices also gives a lot of  encouragement for a students to finish his/her studies.  Others may follow if one has the determination in finishing the chosen career.

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