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Conversia prides itself in human resource and technology development. Our people provide the skills that create the products and services we provide for our clients. Our technologies, in turn, enhance these skills, making our people more efficient in their craft. The blend results in the company’s ability to provide clients with competitive costs, tailored fit services that meet individual and or institutional needs to support resource optimization. Conversia values its people same way it values their clients. Our business is our people for the people. Conversia is a member of the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. MTIAPI is the force behind every Philippine transcription service provider. It looks after its member companies and provides collective support while upholding industry standards and work ethics.
Location: Conversia, Inc. Penthouse 1 and 2, Pacific Center Building, #33 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines Telephone Number: (632) 634-6433 Fax Number: (632) 634-8860 or (632) 634-6176

Cranium eSolutions

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Cranium eSolutions, Incorporation was incorporated on June 26, 2006 as a Business Process Outsourcing company. On July 1, 2006, it joined the New Expert Satellite Team (NEST) program of Multi-Scribe Global Outsourcing, Incorporated (MS Global) to guarantee that we adhere to the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) Book of Style thus ensuring standardized language, structure and formatting of all transcriptions. With a team of 22 medical transcriptionist, editors and doctor, it started transcribing medical reports. Slowly and surely, Cranium eSolutions, Inc., is growing. By October 1, 2006, Cranium eSolutions, Incorporation took operational control on an existing medical transcription company, MPO Digital Solutions, Incorporated and the company grew to its present size of 41 medical transcriptionist, editors and doctors.
Location: Cranium eSolutions Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City Philippines Phone: (63917) 5266864

The Value of Medical Telemarketing Service to Health Care Industry

November 27, 2014 Category :Medical Transcription| Nursing Articles 0

Value or the worth of being a telemarketer in the service health care industry is very important for the medical institutions.  It helps them to broaden their choices or the knowledge on how it works, how it’s done, how to use and other medical terms the product or services use.  Telemarketing is very powerful medium for those who wanted to know more about a certain product or services.  They use telemarketing strategy to have their feedbacks or a survey for the product they are going to release in the market. Many medical telemarketing services offer to the public, one good example is medicine, for the product to make available to the buying public, they will use the telephone to market and make a survey regarding the said product, what taste would be love by people, pricing, is it affordable can be bought by public and maybe shapes and many others characteristic the product might look like.  The best way for the Health care industry is that they give the doctors their medicines samples for their patients to try the product.  In this way they can certainly examine if the product will be out in the market, if they will use the product or does the medicine will patronize by the buying public.

When it comes on the value of medical telemarketing service to the health care industry, for the new medical instruments to be out on the market, the telemarketer must be expert in communicating with the hospital or head of a certain health care industry. They must explain thoroughly the merchandise on how it works, the benefits in using the said item, is it affordable can be afford by the middle income earner if the product will give a soothing effect or does it gives a healing effect on the patients.  Being a telemarketer one must be good in communicating.  Must understand the medical marketing world, so that if the medical Industry has something to ask regarding the product they introduce they will easily and comfortably answers the question on the best knowledge and expertise they have.

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Center For Technical Excellence Integrated School

September 8, 2014 Category :Medical Transcription 1

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Mayvil Services : Medical Transciption at its BEST!

June 23, 2014 Category :Medical Transcription 1

Mayvil Services, a medical transcription company in existence now for more than five years and expanding, is an association of professionals and specialists who have been relentlessly striving to achieve excellence in providing high quality, error free transcripts, at a very low price. Our aim is to help you cut cost and enjoy a hassle-free transcription experience. We offer transcription services for all medical disciplines and specialties wherever you are located. Our list of satisfied clients and our long term association with them have been our pillars of strength.
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Seyyone Medical Transcription – Committed to give you a better service

June 22, 2014 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Seyyone is a professionally managed Medical Transcription company providing quality services to its clients in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia since 1999. » Continue Reading


Transcriptionist Needed

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Triple One Manpower, believes in giving employment opportunities to qualified personnel. It was established on April 2003 by a group of experienced and trained consultants, a company that specializes in providing services for local manpower outsourcing service for various industries. Their company has a pool of competent and qualified candidates ready and able to work anytime. We provide our clients Project Hiring, Manpower Service Contracting, HR and Payroll Outsourcing, Promo and Merchandizing, and hiring for short-term or on-call assignments. » Continue Reading

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eData Services

January 19, 2014 Category :Medical Transcription 2

eData Services is an American owned and operated information management and transcription company established in 2000. Utilizing state of the art equipment and technology, we provide services that include medical transcription, legal transcription, record review and excerpting, data entry, software development and a help desk. We specialize in processing complex data extracted from documents in the medical, legal, insurance, and accounting professions. eData’s United States office is located in Beverly Hills, California. Our center of operations is located in Makati, the heart of Manila, Philippine’s business district. eData only employs highly trained professionals such as physicians, lawyers, certified accountants, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, software programmers, and law students. In order to control quality and maintain the utmost security, we do not outsource any work. All work is performed in our Manila office by our own employees. eData operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always available through our toll free telephone numbers. All work is exchanged with our clients through encrypted internet connections. We maintain extensive redundancy and security in our servers and power supplies. We comply with all US Laws governing the security of confidential information.
Location: eData Services Phils, Inc. Address: 17 th Floor, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue Makati City 1200 From the US: (310) 765-4825 or (888) 873-2820 Fax from the US: (310) 279-1006 From the Philippines: (632) 884-1567 or (632) 884-1568 Fax from the Philippines: (632) 884-9755 eData Services US, LLC Address: 433 North Camden Drive, Suite 400, Beverly Hills, California 90210 Office No.: (310) 765-4825 or (888) 873-2820 Fax No.: (310) 279-1006

Accurate Medical Transcription Services

November 5, 2013 Category :Medical Transcription 2

AM Accu-Scripts Accurate Medical Transcription Services (Philippines), an offshore MT company, staffed by Filipino medical transcriptionists, provides dependable medical transcription services to US healthcare customers.
Location: Accurate Medical Transcription Services Makati City, Philippines

iTranscriptions Service

August 28, 2013 Category :Medical Transcription 0

iSource is an acclaimed general transcription service provider, offering its service to clients from across the United States. Acknowledged as one of the biggest names in transcription circles, iSource is the top choice for the best among various sectors such as business, media, healthcare, law, education etc. iSource has ample experience in transcribing for a wide spectrum of audio recordings, spanning from the crystal-clear to the hardly-audible variety, coming in the form of the latest digital formats to the classical microcassette tapes and containing recordings of myriad types of discussions, seminars, talks, video etc. iSource’s USP lies in it being an outsourced company, but one without any of the baggage such companies come with. We are headquartered in Pomona, California but have our transcribing carried out in our offshore location center in India. The outsourcing mode of service delivery that we have adopted helps us peg transcription rates to levels just 40% of what local services in the United States charge. iTranscriptions Service SPECIALISE IN TRANSCRIBING * Digital Audio * Digital Video * Audio Tape * Micro Cassettes * Mini Discs * CD / DVD * MP3, WMA, WAV * MPEG, MOV, AVI
Location: iTranscriptions Service California 1291 Weber Street, Pomona, CA – 91768, Toll free number: 1-(877)-323-4707 New York 11 Broadway New York, NY 10004, Toll free number: 1-(877)-323-4707 INDIA Office: Chennai #2 Santhome High road, Mylapore Chennai – 600004, Phone : +91-44-24984029

Pilipinas Data

August 20, 2013 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Pilipinas Data Contracts Corporation is a newly established offshore business processing company specializing in the provision of medical transcription services. From its pool of 15 senior editors, PDCC is implementing an in-house training program that is expected to produce 240 production transcriptionists within the next 8 months to meet the projected job volume. PDCC aims to be a fully employee-owned company within the next 2 years and is open to establishing joint ventures, or equity-swap partnerships with its prospective clientele. In a business where quality and timeliness are a must, Pilipinas Data Contracts Corporation simply state our commitment “� to comply and be relied upon
Location: Pilipinas Data Contracts Corporation (PDCC) 26 Lourdes Subdivision Road, Baguio City 2600, Benguet Philippines Phone: 63-74-619-0800 Fax: 63-74-620-0209

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Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription

September 8, 2009 Category :Medical Transcription 0

AGCON MT (Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription) is the paragon of EXCELLENCE. There’s no room for any errors; they don’t flip to another page without assurance of perfection. Excellence is of utmost importance in medical transcription because we realize the necessity and sensitivity of every medical report and its impact to the lives of the patients and the healthcare providers. Therefore, they developed a group of highly skilled and experienced, competent and dedicated professionals to be the trailblazer of excellence. AGCON offers FREE TEST files for all interested clients. Let them give you a taste of their work, and hopefully make them your next partner in providing you quality transcription services. Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription transcribes medical records of any SPECIALTY (cardiology, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrinology, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, neurology, etc.) including history and physical exam reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports which are dictated by the doctors and other health care professionals. Guaranteed quality of greater than 98.5% accuracy along with not less than 24 hours turn around time (TAT) or better as required by the client.
Location: AsiaGlobalConnect Medical Transcription, Inc. #57 Youngstown village, Youngstown Avenue Cainta, Rizal, Philippines Contact Person: Ibvi Arrah Limpao Tel No. (632)-4115604 Mobile: 09272066072

Paramedix Medical Transcription Services

September 8, 2009 Category :Medical Transcription 0

One of the leading Medical Transcription (MT) services provider in the Philippines, Paramedix offers unique solutions to medical transcription (MT) services needs in the US and UK. Paramedix’s delivery of accurate and timely medical transcription at the most competitive rates comes with the assurance of the highest security and quality standards being applied to each transaction. Paramedix medical transcription services philippines provide a range of turn-around-times to suit your individual needs, all with rigorous ISO compliance and utilization of six sigma quality methodologies as a standard to ensure that every commitment is met. Clients utilize our user-friendly and HIPAA compliant workflow solution designed and developed to ensure uninterrupted and secure medical transcription-related services. All our medical allied staff are highly qualified, having undergone an extensive four months in-house training program using the latest US training techniques prior to commencing medical transcription work. Established in 2005, Paramedix was founded by three entrepreneurs with over 30 years experience in the IT and Outsourcing industry with a clear strategic objective: Vision To become a trademark for value and quality in the Medical Business Solution Services industry. Mission Provide high quality transcription and other services to individual doctors, clinics, and hospitals with quick turn around time to ensure that our clients in turn meet their deadlines. Provide a fun and professional workplace for each of our staff to maximize their potential. Use the best good corporate governance practices that ensure the long term success for the investors, partners and society as a whole. Core Values Integrity and honesty Passion for customer success Commitment to excellence Accountability for commitments Paramedix provides clients the unique opportunity to experience the benefits of outsourcing through our Medical Transcription services They are able to provide the highest quality, value for money and dependable service from our experience not just in the healthcare industry, but in various outsourcing activities allowing us to bring the world’s best practices to their operations. In addition, their flexible structure and systems allow us to respond to their clients’ unique requirements in terms of turn around times, formatting and special instructions. Medical Transcription Their transcriptionists are all graduates of allied medical courses Paramedix specializes in the following: – History and Physical Examination reports – Consultation notes and reports – Operative reports – Discharge Summaries – Emergency Room notes – Admission notes – Diagnostic results reports – Radiology reports – Pathology reports – Transcript of records for conferences – Letters and Correspondence They also provide transcription services for the following fields and specialties – Cardiology – Dentistry – Dermatology – Gastroenterology – Geriatrics – Internal Medicine – Obstetrics and Gynecology – Ophthalmology – Orthopedics – Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) – Pediatrics – Psychiatry – Pulmonary Medicine – Rehabilitation Medicine
Location: PARAMEDIX, INC. Rosario Arcade, LimKetKai Center, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines Telephone Nos. US Tel: (+1) 310 601 8402 UK Tel: (+44) 121 288 3550 Phils Tel: (+63) 88 856 2241

CF Morgan Medical Transcribers

September 8, 2009 Category :Medical Transcription 0

CF Morgan Medical Transcribers is one of the newest call centers in the Philippines in the medical transcription industry. CF Morgan Medical Transcribers caters to various call center operations particularly in medical transcription.
Location: CF Morgan Medical Transcribers, Inc. Unit 1115 Medical Plaza Bldg San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City Philippines Phone: +632 6381524