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Dipolog Business Process Outsourcing

December 19, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Dipolog Business Process Outsourcing Company (DBPO) is a Philippine based company dedicated to provide outsourcing services. The DBPO-MT division offers transcription services at a very competitive price using state of the art technology and employing capable and efficient Medical Transcriptionists. The company is located at the heart of the Orchid City of Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines. This company is empowered by the enthusiastic, loving, honest and talented people from the area. Graduates from local schools are constantly pooled for endless supply of skills and talents as well as provide them with means of livelihood and business. ADVANCE TECHNOLOGICAL Capabilities: – DBPO is using the latest technology in the market. – Internet connection is load balanced between high-speed DSL and WI-Fi for optimum performance. – Standby generator is available 24/7 to provide power and minimize interruption. – Security systems like user password, biometrics, RF ID systems, 24/7 video surveillance for maximum security and efficient service, all of which are highly maintained for HIPAA compliance. – Clients are assured of their privacy and confidentiality. – State-of-the-art digital transcription. – Secure FTP site for file transfers. – Documents created in client’s custom formats, precisely to client’s specifications
Location: Dipolog Business Process Outsourcing AMC Bldg., Malvar Street Dipolog City, Philippines , 7100 Phone: Ch.Il.(VOIP) 17083232627 Phone: (065) 800-0021 SKYPE: techsupportdbpo Fax: (e-fax) 18662715967 Ph. (065) 800-0021

Ameriphil Transcripction Institute

November 23, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

AMERIPHIL is a TESDA approved school which offers the most affordable and complete on site or distance medical transcription course available in the market worldwide. The main office is located at the Belvedere Tower in Ortigas Center and has a branch in Antipolo City, Rizal. Ameriphil’s mission is to become the high quality, low cost provider of medical transcription, billing and coding courses worldwide. The school’s mandate is to offer excellent training and a level of customer service, student and graduate support that is second to none. Its mother company, TRANSCRIPTION INC, based in the US , is a leading transcription company that provides accurate, timely, secure and inexpensive medical and legal transcription and medical billing and coding services globally.
Location: Ameriphil Transcription Institute Inc. 2/F J&F Bldg. Marcos Highway, Masinag, Antipolo City Philippines Phone: 645.5746 Fax. 645.6995

Total Transcription Solutions, Inc.

November 13, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Total Transcription Solutions, Inc. (TTSI) is a Philippine-based offshore facility that provides medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, group and individual practices. Established in year 2001, TTSI continues to delight its customers with high-quality transcription services following HIPAA technology and work process environment that meet mission-critical standards for reliability, security and performance – upholding its commitment and strict adherence to patient confidentiality.
Location: Total Transcription Solutions, Incorporated (TTSI) 4th floor Pacific Corporate Center 131 West Avenue , Quezon City Tel. no. 410-47-33 to 34 loc 107 & 128

Summit Technologies Incorporated

October 12, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Summit Technologies Incorporated is an information technology company primarily providing medical transcription service for the United States market. They are committed in working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company can do transcription to all areas of medicine. We specialize in Histories and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultation, Operative Reports, SOAP etc. Summit Technologies Incorporated also develops websites for its US clientele. It also is selling its proprietary software called DocuTracker to medical transcription companies that want to automate their transcription workflow. DocuTracker manages the workflow of the transcripts, from capturing the voice files to sending it to the clients.
Location: Summit Technologies Incorporated Unit 1811, Medical Plaza Ortigas, 25 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


October 11, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

VOCIS is a fast growing organization offering services customized for medical service providers ranging from Medical Transcription, Billing & Coding, Website Design and marketing amongst others specialized for the healthcare industry. HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription, Medical Billing & Coding and Medical Website Design & Marketing Services
Location: VOCIS Inc., 8442 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40258 USA. Phone (973)-727-0444, (502)-638-4285 Fax 1-866-581-0711

Global Synergy Solutions

October 11, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Global Synergy Solutions (GSS), is a Philippine-based organization involved in Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services dedicated to providing Professional and Expert Outsourcing Services for small-to-medium sized businesses with the main goal of reducing costs while focusing on the core business process. Global Synergy Solutions provides professional and expert Outsourcing Services for Voice and Non Voice offshore companies with a seasoned management team that handles expert and professional administration and organization of Offshore Services. Global Synergy Solutions’ main objective is to be at the cutting edge of Global Outsourcing. They build careers and financial rewards to people who want to grow with them as they offer value and quality to their clients by providing reliable, competitive, quality assured business solutions with high performance standards, innovative and intelligent global solutions. Global Synergy Solutions has a strong focus on quality and customer care service. Their Medical Language Specialists are well trained, highly skilled and professionals. They execute full voice review on all of their completed reports. Secured and HIPPA compliant, with 12-24 hours turn around time (TAT). They sustain distinctive dictation and transcription needs like file, documents formats, system interfacing etc. Their commitment to a long term relationship will bring you easy, efficient and cost effective transcription services from their dedicated and caring people. They do transcription like consultation, medical records, progress notes, initial evaluation, letter evaluation, consultation, history, physical notes, progress/office notes. Global Synergy Solutions Specializes in: Obstetrics/Gynecology, Urology, Dermatology, Hematology, Gastroenterology, Allergy, Allercology, Geriatrics, Vascular Surgery, Occupational Theraphy, Family Medicine, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Opthalmology, Psychiatric, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Otolaryngology, Orthopedic, Pathology, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Physical Therapy Rheumatology, Pulmonary, General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Laboratory Medicine Nephrology, Neurology, Pain Management, Pschology. OTHER SERVICES Global Synergy Solutions is also engaged in IT Solutions such as Web Design and Web Development, Content Management, Web Application Development, Blog Design, Software Development (Payroll, Accounting System, Inventory System, School enrollment System) Intranet Development It is their commitment to deliver only the best for their clients, their people and their stakeholders.
Location: GLOBAL SYNERGY SOLUTIONS (GSS) Unit G-2 Emerald Bldg., CV Starr Ave., Pamplona 2, Las Piñas City, Metro Manila, Philippines US Direct Line (213) 265-99-73 PH Direct Line (632) 556-30-77

Vision Infonet

October 10, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

VISION INFONET, as a vibrant enterprising organization, began its journey towards the world leadership in Medical transcription, Coding & Billing, Electronic Medical Records & Paperless Office System implementation and other Back-office services to the medical facilities. In the last seven years, they have grown with over 500 employees working in different shifts at their sister concern. With the ongoing trends of information technology, where change is an obsession, time a limited commodity, and quality the hallmark of every business, they strive and stand a flowing stream creating their own path and letting others follow in the service of healthcare providers. In this metamorphose environment of the business scenario, VISION INFONET is creating impressions on the sands of time, with the latest information technology. They believe it is imperative on their part to employ their professionalism and savoir-faire to develop and implement solutions in this field. Vision Infonet offers the following services: Medical Transcription Medical Billing & Coding Revenue Recovery Insurance Verification & Authorization Patient Schedule Confirmation Scanning, Indexing and Refiling
Location: 1717 Park Street, Suite 110 Naperville, IL 60563 Phone: 1-877-377-8999 / 1-630-299-7638 Fax: 1-877-381 1608 / 1-630-424-1333


October 10, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

TranscriptionHelp.com IS a small Indian transcription company engaged in providing transcription services to offshore clients. They might be smaller in headcount but together, we bring extraordinary expertise in producing custom quality end-products. On the flip side, there is closer interaction and accessibility to clients which leads to paying more attention towards work with liability than delegating work, as happens with large or very large companies. They deliver at the niche of time if asked for but even without asking, they offer a fast turnaround time to their clients. Try TranscriptionHelp.com so you could get one solid reason to have peace of mind. TranscriptionHelp.com offers the following services: – Podcast Transcription – General Transcription – Legal Transcription – Medical Transcription – Interview Transcription – Sermon Transcription – Business Transcription – Conference Calls Transcription – Lecture Transcription – Audio to text
Location: TranscriptionHelp.com Jaipur, India

RapidDoc MTC

October 9, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

RapidDoc MTC’s mission is to provide its client with acceptable Medical Transcription Services, healthcare management services and maintain a dedicated team of qualified medical transcriptionists and supporting staff who will always feel proud to be a part of their medical transcription Team. RapidDoc MTC is professionally managed Medical Transcription Services company maintaining very high standards in providing patient information management services to US clinics and hospital. Medical Transcription Services utilizes state-of-the-art infrastructure, dictation technology, well-qualified and experienced transcriptionists, and high-end software technologies to provide end-to-end solutions for and healthcare information management. Their Medical Transcription inter digitizes high-end innovative software technology with qualified Medical transcriptionists. Their dedicated team of Medical transcriptionists works hand-in-glove with their clients and Medical Transcription team to provide the ultimate results that our clients expect, and many times more than they come to expect of them. RapidDoc MTC provides the following services: – Medical Transcription Services – Medical Billing Software – Legal Transcription Services – Voice Transcription Services
Location: RapidDoc MTC USA

Leadscribe Transcription

October 9, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Leadscribe Transcription Company is a leading offshore medical transcription service provider based in the Philippines. We specialize in comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient medical transcription outsourcing for US-based medical professionals, clinics and hospitals, with a guaranteed 99% accuracy rate. Our state-of-the-art transcription outsourcing facilities based in the Philippines are fully HIPAA-compliant and employ only the most qualified medical transcription professionals.
Location: Leadscribe Transcription Ortigas Center, Philippines

Start Script Medical Billing and Transcription Service

October 8, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Start Script provides a total transcription solution to health care practitioners by using state-of-the art, user friendly, web-based technology for dictation capturing and accurate transcription delivery. Dictators have the flexibility to dictate by dialing a toll-free phone system or by using a digital hand-held recorder. Furthermore, Start Script offers highly competitive rates for its medical transcription service. Start Script’s whole transcription process is strictly HIPAA compliant, making it a trustworthy partner in the chain of carrying patient health information. Start Script offers “specialty-specific” transcription service for high quality transcription in all areas of medicine. In addition, it has the infrastructure to meet the medical transcription requirements of individual practices and large sized hospitals.
Location: START SCRIPT MEDICAL BILLING AND TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE PO Box 6856 Syracuse, NY 13217 USA Phone: (315) 449-2898 Toll Free Number: (800) -785-4409


October 6, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

TransMedica™ is a dynamic medical transcription service provider for healthcare facilities in the US, Canada and U.K. TransMedica™ offers cost-effective, high quality and secure transcription solutions to their clients. TransMedica™ also operates a Medical Transcription training facility that seeks to provide trainees with access to relevant, innovative, and high-quality MT instruction, information, and technology Managed by a team of professionals from a wide variety of industries, to deliver quality results using the best technology , resources and methods. TransMedica’s mission is to give to every Medical Transcription (MT) Career aspirant access to relevant, innovative and qualitative training, technology and information, which will significantly enhance career prospects and contribute to ensuring a solid and competitive position for the Philippines in the global MT Industry. We offer a comprehensive curriculum which will enable individuals to learn medical transcription using the best methods with expert training and the latest technology in the shortest period of time. Transmedica’s Medical Transcription Training programs exposes students to an extensive hands-on of transcribing actual doctor’s dictation in various medical fields, recorded in a variety of environments and by doctor’s with different talking speeds and various accents. Non-medical or non-allied health students are introduced to Human Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Diseases and Medical Procedures, Medical Abbreviations, Pharmacology and Laboratory Terminology. All students are oriented on Transcription Formats and Ethics, English Composition and Grammar, Technology, and the basics of the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, more commonly referred to as HIPAA. TransMedica’s curriculum uses US references and laboratory materials, that is designed to be most suitable and effective for Filipino MT career aspirants yet it abides by international standards set by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). TransMedica’s Medical Transcription Training curriculum is the result of months of evaluation and design by a team that brings with them an impressive track record in medical coding and medical transcription training, a key factor to the practice of medical transcription. Graduates of TransMedica’s course will have ample skills to work confidently in an MTSO. Comprehensive and efficient modules, a licensed doctor as your instructor, an experienced MT as your mentor, and ample practice of transcribing realistic dictation will prepare you to succeed in this challenging and fulfilling profession.
Location: TransMedica™ 3/F Northridge Plaza Congressional Ave., Proj. 8 Quezon City Philippines Phone No(s): (632)928-0388 Telefax: (632)928-0399

Accutype Medical Services

October 5, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Accutype is a web based HIPAA compliant medical transcription service serving physicians nationwide. Accutype provides high quality accurate medical transcription for healthcare professionals who chose to out source transcription of their medical records. Accutype Medical Services is a full-service, technology driven, US Midwestern based medical transcription service providing services nationwide to over 4000 clients. We provide services to: Large multi-physician, multi-clinic physician organizations Hospitals Outpatient clinics Teaching facilities Occupational medicine facilities Specialty groups Individual physician practices In business since 1987, Accutype Medical Services is recognized as one of the largest and fastest growing medical transcription services in the country with a reputation for providing high quality work with quick turnaround. Accutype’s efficiencies and quality service are the results of utilizing: Highly skilled, medically knowledgeable transcriptionists and CMTs Cutting edge “state of the art” digital dictation and computer technology A competent technical and customer service support staff An experienced management team of industry professionals Accutype’s commitment to our clients and the healthcare industry is demonstrated through our constant quest for more technologically efficient and cost effective ways of providing medical transcription.
Location: Accutype Medical Services, Inc. Ground Floor 405 Urban Bldg Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City Philippines


October 4, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Kensium is one of the few companies that offer the most complete dictation and medical transcription outsourcing solution that is both affordable and easy to use. From the acquisition of voice files to the secure delivery of final documents, Kensium has a mature workflow process supported by proven tools and technologies, most of which have been developed in-house based on our extensive experience. Kensium gives you the freedom to choose your own method of dictation such as 1-800 toll free telephony, voice file transfer from proprietary systems, digital handheld recorders, and PC based dictation systems, and provides several tools to simplify voice and document transfer. They understand that the patient-physician confidentiality is of utmost importance and make sure that all our transcription related procedures, voice, data and document storage/management either meets or exceeds all HIPAA regulations. Kensium Service Features: * Flexible dictation options * Rigorous quality control systems and processes * 24/7/365 operations to support demanding turn-around time * Secure document search and delivery mechanism fully compliant with HIPAA * Efficient use of technology * Proven delivery capabilities.
Location: Kensium US Headquarters 200 South Wacker Drive, Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60606 USA Phone: 877 KENSIUM (877 536 7486) Fax: 312 242 3029 India Headquarters Sahithi Arcade Bldg # 7-1-621/259/A, Main Road S.R. Nagar, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500 038 Phone: +91 9949495511 Fax: +91 9949495522 Chennai Office Ramaniyam Citadel, No.10 Poonamalee High Road, Chennai, TN 600106 Phone: +91.44.42732105 +91.9940688228

LG Transcriptions

October 4, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Medical transcription and insurance transcription from experienced operators. At LG Transcription, our goal is to assist physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and therapists with their medical records by providing assurance of quality, timely, and efficient medical transcription production. LG Transcriptions also realize that in the insurance industry, quality remote transcriptions are needed in an environment where in-house services are costly.
Location: LG Transcriptions San Antonio, TX USA Phone: (210) 260-8719


October 3, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Transcriptionstar-a name that inspires assurance of quality and cost-effectiveness. A flagship division of iSource Solutions, one of the largest transcription services in North America, Transcriptionstar also provides premier Medical Transcription Services. Transcriptionstar is a company that is armed with wholesome experience in medical transcriptioning and a state-of-the-art outsourcing infrastructure. They are headquartered at California, but operate from their fully functional offshore center in India. They have associated with 30+ top-grade medical practices across the United States. They are also the chosen medical transcription service provider for many private clinics and dispensaries, owing to the competitive rates they offer their services for. Catering to such diverse needs has given them a decisive edge in dealing with all varieties of medical transcription paradigms. The service features extended by Transcriptionstar are truly unparalleled, as seen below: – Free Olympus DS4000 Digital Voice Recorder for clients requesting service volume exceeding $1000 – Transcription rates that are just a third of what local US services charge – HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services
Location: India #2 Santhome High road, Mylapore Chennai – 600004, PH : +91-9840756117. USA – California 1291 Weber Street, Pomona, CA – 91768, PH : (714)-783-7922. USA – New York 11 Broadway New York, NY 10004, PH : (412)-357-1389.

Vee Scribe

October 3, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Vee Scribe is a Medical Transcription unit setup by Vee Technologies offering quality transcription services. Vee Scribe has dedicated experts who have niche focus on the transcription sector, having several years of domain experience. Vee offers services to individual physician offices, family practices, clinics, hospitals and medical transcription companies. An unique advantage that Vee offers is a seemingly inexhaustible talent pool from the educational institutions that the Sona Valliappa Group manages (known as the Sona College group www.sonatech.ac.in). Vee’s experience in working with US hospitals and clinics has enabled it to offer an integrated transcription services with hardware, software and other infrastructure along with highly trained and skilled people. end-to-end solution in the healthcare space. With a team of 100 employees (700 FTEs in total) working 24X7 from multiple centers, Vee Scribe is uniquely positioned to offer twin benefits of cost and quality. Vee’s state-of-the-art facility along with latest technology is applied in every process with the assurance of deriving efficiencies and reducing cost – offering a HIPAA compliant service. Vee provides transcription services in the areas of: – Medical Transcription – Business Transcription – Technical Transcription – Legal Transcription – Workmen Compensation Business objective of their transcription unit is to increase efficiency and reduce costs to our clients. The company prides itself on its excellent quality standards and quick turnaround times which result in reducing the time cycle for its clients. VeeScribe values its customers’ satisfaction as a top priority by being an extended arm of our Partner Company and endeavour forever to exceed their expectations.
Location: Vee Technologies Sona Towers, 71, Miller Road, Bangalore – 560 052. India Telephone +91-80-2228 1131 Fax +91-80-2225 2350

Indus Auditya Online Solutions

October 2, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Indus Auditya Online Solutions is an IT enabled solutions provider for Medical Transcription training and MT related services company based at IT Capital of India, Bangalore. Indus Auditya Online Solutions simple mainstay objective is to provide unbiased IT enabled services in medical transcription training and consultancy. A student’s own hard work, concentration is the key for success in this industry. They have served their clients in corporate training, turnkey projects, technical transcription, business transcription, conference/seminar transcription, legal transcription, transcription on clinical trials, etc. Their industrial service policy makes us first choice among companies. Their flexible business terms and benefits that they have to offer are unique in the MT industry. Indus Auditya Online Solutions’ goal is to create employment for the mass in the years to come. They are a transcription unit with a network of people spanning the country.
Location: Indus Auditya Online Solutions 64/5, 9th Cross, Rainbow Garden Begihalli, Bangalore – 562 106 India Mobile: 9845703803

Dalta Medical Transcriptions

October 1, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

Dalta Medical Transcriptions, Inc. is one of the call centers specializing in Medical Transcription related services. in the Philippines. Dalta Medical Transcriptions, Inc. caters various call center operations related to medical transcription.
Location: Dalta Medical Transcriptions, Inc. 7/F Medical Arts Building UPHS-DALTA Medical Center Alabang-Zapote Rd., Las Pinas City Philippines, 1740 Phone: 714 656 9144

AceScripts Unlimited

September 30, 2015 Category :Medical Transcription 0

AceScripts Unlimited provides quality medical transcription service and other healthcare solutions needed by physicians and other members of the healthcare team. They adhere to the strictest quality standards that have been designed to meet the growing demands of the industry today. AceScripts Unlimited emphasizes service through efficient, timeliness, quality, integrity, and reliability, secured and competitive rates, essential to busy healthcare providers. AceScripts Unlimited abides by the regulations and standards set by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). They use HIPAA approved data storage and file transfer protocols (FTPs). AceScripts Unlimited is available to support your full medical transcription requirements, or to provide overflow transcription service to balance your staffing needs. It is cost effective with pricing that is foreseeable and manageable. We also provide value-added services to our clients thus making AceScripts your preferred partner in the healthcare industry. AceScripts currently specializes in transcribing all kinds of medical reports and we can translate most wav and dss sound files. We deliver accurate and efficient transcription services. Every patient file is guaranteed to go through strict quality control with a turnaround time of 24 hours and an accuracy rate of 98%. They are available 24/7/365 days. They can handle 5,000-10,000 lines per day. Line outputs are computed according to a 65 character per line basis. Their transcriptions are encrypted and they are equipped with Secure Sockets Layer to protect our database thus making us HIPAA compliant.
Location: AceScripts Unlimited Suite 203 Tayao Business Complex, Mabini St. San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines 4023 Contact Nos: +63915-5079797 909-657-0270