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Calayan Medical Group

January 26, 2012 Category :All About Nursing| HealthCare Companies 3

Calayan Medical Group is known for its Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery.  With the husband and wife as the proprietor, their expertise on creating significant change with the help of science  gives them the mission to bring the best services to their clients the beauty and enhancement on their bodies they wanted.  For the people who wanted to have a flawless skin and seek higher standard and dermatological care on the fields of plastic surgeon and dermatological care the Calayan Medical Group can provide.  Both husband and wife perform the operations; they are in fact the moving force in terms of beauty enhancement.

Doctor Manny Calayan is a graduate of University of the East Ramon Magsaysay College of Medicne for his medical degree; he took his pre med in University of the Philippines in Diliman and finishes high school at La Salle Greenhills.  In 1999 he received an award as the Most Outstanding Cosmetic Laser Surgeon in NCR.  And he even received the Parangal Sa Magulang award in 1996.  Dra. Pie Calayan on the other hand finishes his college at St.Scholasticas College in Manila, took her pre med at University of Santo Thomas in Espana Manila and completed her college degree at UERM College of medicine.  And the love story here begins and soon they were husband and wife, and decided to put up a business regarding beauty and enhancement of the body.  She’s also a member of the Philippine Medical Association and Charter Member of Philippine Academy of Cosmetics and Clinical Dermatology Incorporated.  And the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgeons Incorporated.  She is an active member of the American Academy of dermatology International Hyperhidrosis Society and the Makati Medical Society.  She’s also a member of the Philippine Medical Association and Charter Member of Philippine Academy of Cosmetics and Clinical Dermatology Incorporated.  And the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgeons Incorporated. They are both active on their chosen fields and expertise.  Among their membership includes the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons and the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery Incorporated.

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Savvy Sherpa Cebu

January 18, 2012 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Savvy Sherpa is a research and consulting firm in the US that concentrates on health care industry particularly insurance, delivery and retailing. The company specializes in econometric modeling and applied behavioral economics which is basically used for predicting consumer behavior.  Thus, Savvy Sherpa acts as a marketing consultant especially for large companies planning to expand especially overseas.

As an investment consultant, among the basic consultancy service the Savvy Sherpa provides is to identify the needs of the potential market and forecast market response to products.  This data helps its clients in formulating and developing new ideas, products and ventures that will address the potential market.

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Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital

December 20, 2011 Category :HealthCare Companies| Hospitals 2

Founded in 1920, the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital is a maternal and newborn tertiary hospital (level 4) in Santa Cruz, Manila particularly in the Old Bilibid Prison Compound. Nominated by the DOH as the National Maternity Hospital in 1990, the hospital is considered as a “baby factory” where around 20 % of babies in Metro Manila are born.  The hospital has an authorized bed capacity of 700 beds.   Incidentally, the hospital also established one of the earliest schools of midwifery in 1922.

Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital is a DOH Retained Hospital that specializes in obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology & pediatrics for which it gained international recognition from the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund, Family Health International,      and the University of Oxford. In fact, its Reproductive Health Research Center gets funding from the WHO.

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Bashaer al Hanan Kuwait

December 2, 2011 Category :HealthCare Companies| Hospitals 0

Bashaer al Hanan is a medical center that provides medical care, diagnostic and treatment services in the vicinity of Al Jahara Kuwait.  The medical center has regular physicians, nurses and healthcare providers that serve the public 24-7.  Specialized accommodation services are provided for inpatients that may need to stay in the hospital for sufficient recuperation.  The hospital also has outpatient services such as EENT services, dental services and first aid services, among others.  The hospital prides itself of having specialized facilities and equipment that constitutes an integral part of the competitive advantage.

Located in the city of Jahara, the Bashaer al Hanan can be contacted via mail at P.O.BOX: 6213, 32037 KUWAIT, Kuwait or via telephone at 22633634 or 22633634 or via Fax at nos. 22648502.  Little is known about the hospital because most information is written in Arabic.  However, much like other health care institutions in Kuwait, the hospital is regularly monitored by the Kuwaiti government to ensure high standard of health care and to regulate the fees charged for healthcare. While government run hospitals in Kuwait charge lower hospital fees to Kuwaiti residents, Private hospitals like Bashaer al Hanan charge reasonable fees to be able to maintain top quality physicians and medical personnel.  But as part of its commitment to providing healthcare service to people indiscriminately, the hospital accepts medical insurance coverage such as Expacare to cover for the expenses. It must be noted that medical expenses of the Kuwaiti citizens forms part of their social benefits.

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Active One Health Makati

November 21, 2011 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Active One Health Inc. is a healthcare and wellness consultancy company that provides work-related health services and resources that improve the wellness of personnel and augment general work productivity of companies and workplace settings. It adheres to the belief that human resources is the defining asset for the success of an organization especially in this modern knowledge based economy that’s why the protection of personnel is of high priorit.

Located in 2/F 116 VA Rufino St. Legaspi Village, Makati City  with Telephone Nos.:(632) 893-2504, (632) 817-7372 or (632) 893-2925, Active one provides services and programs that reflect the total gamut of service and products for a comprehensive healthy workplace. Among its major workplace health services included:

Occupational Healthcare Staffing and Medical Personnel Provision, which ultimately customized on the basis of company needs and requirements including the expected number of patients, types of injuries or illnesses, organizational autonomy, other assigned administrative duties, compliance with pertinent regulatory body,  budget and other anticipated utilization;

Facilities Design and Equipment such as beds, examination tables, scopes, medical and office supplies, that considers factors such as accessibility, compliance with government regulations from DOH and BWC and client expectations and standards;

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Generics Pharmacy

September 22, 2011 Category :HealthCare Companies 1

Since it was introduced to the public three years ago, the generics pharmacy has extended to over 1000 outlets nationwide.  It’s just goes to show that the generics pharmacy in the country is being supported by millions and millions of people around the nation and the evidence is the ever increasing public consumer.

The Generics Pharmacy was primarily started as a family business venture in 1949, which involves in pharmacy importation and allocation. The Generic Drug law was passed sometime in the year 1989. With the main purpose is to sell generic drugs to government hospitals in a bargain basement price. It was around two decades ago  that knowledge about  generics drugs was well disseminated to the public as the consumers become more wary and price sensitive with the rising cost of healthcare and medicine.

Generic drugs are not popularly known in the past because the pharmaceuticals and the healthcare industry. In general, it lacks sufficient campaign to inform the public about generics drugs. Some pharmacist and doctors even intentionally conceal the availability of cheaper generic drugs so that the people will have no choice but to buy expensive branded medicine. In other words, they profit more at the expense of providing genuine and sincere health service to the people. Thru the Generic Act the people are now well aware about generics products.   Doctors are also required to put the generic name of their branded prescription.

Another reason for the   increase of the number of pharmacy outlets is the cheap Franchising cost which is about Php600, 000 to Php800, 000. That includes the trademark, name and logo, of the franchisor.  Following the law of free market competition, the more pharmacists, the better the services and the cheaper the price because of predatory pricing and stiff competition.

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Nursing Agency Sydney That’s Always Ready For You

January 30, 2010 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Nursing Agency Sydney is a leading nursing agency located in Australia. NLU – A premiere nursing agency with very experienced nursing staff on hand. Care in all areas such as aged care, palliative care and locum doctors.

Their nursing agency nurses are fully-trained, qualified and insured. And they come at competitive rates. You’ll always receive top-quality nurses who know what they’re doing thanks to their pro-active quality management system. » Continue Reading

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H2O Plus Water Treatment Co.

October 21, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 1

Established in 1996, they specialize in marketing home, commercial, and industrial water treatment equipment, accessories, and facilities. H2O Plus Water Treatment Co.’s  core competence is “Customer Satisfaction” providing a complete turnkey system by rendering technical design, plant layout, and sizing of equipment from installation to turnover of your bottling plant.

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N2Sleep Diagnostics

October 6, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

N2Sleep Diagnostics, Inc. is a sleep laboratory that provides first-rate scoring services for hospitals and sleep centers.

By outsourcing scoring requirements, sleep centers can eliminate personnel and recruiting expenses as well as extra office space. The bottom line? Without these factors to take up your time and burden you financially, your company can ultimately focus on improving your organizational structure and performing more studies. » Continue Reading

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Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc.

September 19, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

The leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Philippines requires the following personnel:

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Westfield Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 1

Westfield Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1994 marked the year when Westfield entered the Philippine pharmaceutical industry. And since then, we have become one of the key national companies ever to embark on ethical marketing. Our partnership with one of the pillars in the industry, Lloyd Laboratories Inc., an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, allowed us to provide quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to our clientele in the healthcare industry and exceed customer satisfaction in terms of company offered products and services. Westfield aims to be at par with the competition in terms of promotion, marketing and distribution of quality but affordable medicines, and to be at the helm of the industry in terms of quality product, people and service.
Location: Westfield Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2/F Unit 212 Jocfer Building, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City Philippines 1229 Tel 932-8331 / 932-3267

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Bayani Nurse Center

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 1

Bayani Nurse Center is a meeting place for Clinical Nurses and Nurse Teachers. The center offers various training and development programs for nurses to become globally competitive. Among the programs offered are: – Acculturation Programs in preparation for working in the United States of America, and – Nursing Faculty Development Programs. The vision of the Bayani Nurse Center is to be the training ground for the Filipino nurse towards career growth and excellence A Nurse – owned, Nurse – Supportive company specializing in equipping nurses with professional and personal life skills for SUCCESS.
Location: Bayani Nurse Center 106 Perea Street, Suite 505 Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines Phone: (02) 893-6568

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Friendly Care Clinic

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 7

Friendly Care Clinic is a network of private medical clinics with a mission of providing high quality caring and compassionate Family healthcare services.
Location: Friendly Care 710 Shaw Boulevard Barangay Wack-Wack Mandaluyong City Philippines

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Abacus Care (Cheshire) Limited

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Abacus Care (Cheshire) Limited provides experienced nurses, healthcare assistants and support staff throughout East and West Cheshire and South Manchester. They aim to cover all needs, all ages and all environments. So whether you require staff for a nursing home, hospital, day care centre, military base, prison, industrial establishment or to care for someone in their own home.
Location: Abacus Care (Cheshire) Limited 4 Shuldham Close High Legh Knutsford nr Manchester Cheshire WA16 6UE England Tel: 01925 759051 Fax: 05601 501323


The Generics Pharmacy

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 15

Amidst tough economic times and an unpredictable environment where everyone is always at risk of getting sick, access to quality yet affordable medicines BY ALL is essential to maintaining a healthy nation. This is the vision behind the creation and franchise expansion of THEGENERICSPHARMACY. Although the original corporation was registered in 1949, Filipino entrepreneurs gained full ownership of the firm in 1959 and since then, the company has been importing and wholesaling pharmaceutical products. In 1989, aside from branded products, the company ventured into selling generic medicines. In 2001, the retail pharmacy operations was successfully launched. By the end of 2008, 150 stores will be operating NATIONWIDE. To keep the momentum, they started to franchise their retail stores and became the first generics retail pharmacy to franchise in the Philippines. Committed to promoting better health among Filipinos by making affordable quality medicines available to ALL, THEGENERICSPHARMACY tapped the expertise of Francorp, the world leader in franchising, to engineer its franchise growth and development. The goal is to rapidly setup multi-unit generics pharmacies nationwide via franchising. A fresh new logo and a catchy tagline – “MABISA na, MATIPID pa” was introduced to make the concept more attractive to its consumers and future franchisees. Through franchising, THEGENERICSPHARMACY hopes to reach its dream of contributing to healthy and productive Filipino families.
Location: THEGENERICSPHARMACY Main Branch Banawe, Quezon City Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm 459 Quezon Avenue corner Banawe, QUEZON CITY Phone: (632) 732-3333; (632) 731-5555 (632) 712-7777; (0919) 827-0850 Fax: (632) 712-4921 Others: FREE Delivery P1,000 and up, within Metro Manila FREE Medical Consultation Starting June 23, 2008 Every Monday 10am to 5pm

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Alliance International Assistance

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Alliance International Assistance (AIA) was established in 1992, by Managing Director Cynthia Sedwick. Ms. Sedwick has 26 years of experience in the insurance field. AIA was founded to provide cost containment solutions for Self-Insured, Self-Administered Companies, Travel Insurance, Assistance Firms, TPAs, Insurance as well as State and Federal Agencies. Under Ms. Sedwick’s capable leadership, AIA has developed into a full service medical cost containment firm providing unparalleled service in the areas of discounting and auditing medical bills as well as Pharmacy Benefits Auditing, Medical and Dental PPOs, Disease Management, and Wellness. Another facet of AIA’s strength is David M. Santaub, Director of Marketing for the UK and Europe. He has developed and strengthened our position in the European Markets as an all around negotiator and promoter of AIA’s services. Mr. Santaub has a wealth of experience, as an international marketing consultant, having lived abroad for eleven years in Scandinavia, Australia, Far East, and the Middle East negotiating contracts at the highest level for numerous companies. He is an invaluable part of AIA’s international expansion throughout Europe. At Alliance International they are aware of the importance of maximum savings. Their staff consists of confident, experienced consultants, and physicians who can provide the ultimate in claims handling at a cost that is contingent upon customers savings.
Location: Alliance International Assistance 10501 N.Central Expwy. Suite 308 Dallas, Texas 75231 U.S.A Tel: (214) 987 0844 Fax: (214) 987 0736

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Am-Europharma Corporation

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Am-Europharma Corporation is one of the leading and biggest manufacturers of ethical drugs and pharmaceutical products, both branded and generic, in the Philippines. It was incorporated and registered as a manufacturing laboratory in 1979 by its present owners, mainly to provide high-quality primary health care medicines at affordable cost. Am-Europharma’s Corporate Headquarters stands on a 1,500 square meter lot at Km. 16 West Service Road, South Superhighway Para�aque City . The three-storey total business complex boasts of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and high-tech machineries to cope with the demands of its commercial and government sector clients. Am-Europharma’s thrust is geared towards quality service to the public it serves. As such, equipment and facilities upgrade is continuously pursued to enhance greater productivity. At pace is personnel orientation and training on company procedures and policies for greater efficiency. These, the company believes, are the key elements in cutting a competitive edge in the ethical drugs and pharmaceutical manufacturing business.
Location: Am-Europharma Corporation Am-Europharma Bldg., Km. 16 West Service Road, South Superhighway, Para�aque City, Philippines, 1700 Phone: (632) 823-2518 Fax: (632) 823-6232

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Dynasty Pharmaceuticals

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Dynasty Pharmaceuticals is an importer and exclusive distributor of branded products from Shenzhen China as Cefuroxime, Ceftriasone, Cefazolin and other products.
Location: Dynasty Pharmaceuticals 2432 Legarda St. Sampaloc Manila Philippines

ECE Pharmaceuticals Inc

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

ECE Pharmaceuticals Inc is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the philippines.
Location: ECE Pharmaceuticals Inc 111 Sct. Fernandez St. cor Sct. Torillo St. Brgy. Sacred Heart Quezon City Philippines

Belo Medical Group

September 8, 2009 Category :HealthCare Companies 16

The perfection of beauty is not easy to achieve. It requires an inner desire and a significant amount of planning. It may be costly but it continues to be a more lasting investment in comparison to a make-over or a new hairstyle because of its long-term effects. The experts at the Belo Medical Group understand that perfect beauty varies of each individual. Belo’s medical team strives to give their utmost care and the best medical treatments to achieve satisfaction for their patients. The benefits reaped are more than just skin-deep. Dr. Belo’s passion for work revolves in helping a person regain or boost his/her confidence and self-esteem which result to more productivity because of renewed and uplifted self-image. This remains to be the heart and mindset of Dr. Belo and has generated throughout Belo Medical Group’s entire operations.
Location: Belo Medical Group ALABANG Westgate Center, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City Philippines Phone : (+632) 771-2350 to 53 Fax : (+632) 771-2356 Mobile : (+63917) 840-9275 GREENHILLS #51 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan Philippines Phone : (+632) 7247443 | (+632) 7246626 Fax : (+632) 7274208 Mobile : (+63917) 8913762 MAKATI | MEDICAL PLAZA Suite 1402 Medical Plaza Amorsolo cor Dela Rosa Sts. Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines Phone : (+632) 8177178 | (+632) 8179283 (+632) 8671267 Fax : (+632) 8179777 Mobile : (+63917) 8398182 MAKATI | RUSTAN’S 5th Floor Rustans Makati Ayala Avenue, Makati City Philippines Phone : (+632) 8158970 | (+632) 8158972 Fax : (+632) 8153448 Mobile : (+63917) 8541529 ORTIGAS | PODIUM (NEW) Ground Floor, The Podium ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines Phone : (+632) 6373676 to 77 TOMAS MORATO | QUEZON CITY 305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Madri�an St. South Triangle, Quezon City Philippines Phone : (+632) 3733355 | (+632) 3733188 Fax : (+632) 3734088 Mobile : (+63917) 8320576

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