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Ugnayan Foundation

December 3, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 1

Ugnayan Foundation offers program that helps Filipino Nurses to migrate to Canada
Location: B.C. Canada

The Philippine Nurses Association – Austria

November 6, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 1

The Philippine Nurses Association – Austria was organized due to diverging thrusts and expressed call of amity and harmony so that the issues and concerns of the Filipino nurses in Austria, irrespective of their nationalities, could be properly addressed. Therefore, on October 4, 2001, the foundation of the Association was conceived. It was registered to the Security Authorities (Vereinspolizei) of the City of Vienna on October 10, 2001. The election of the first officers was called on November 6, 2001. A week later, the names of the elected executive board members of PNA-Austria were submitted to the said Authorities. On November 15, 2001, the Philippine Nurses Association-Austria was then born to exist as an entity with all its legal rights and duties after its application was finally approved by the “Vereinspolizei”. The said officers were inducted to office by then President of Philippine Nurses Association, Inc., and past ICN Board member Dr. George C. Cordero on December 8, 2001 at Marriott Hotel. He then conferred to the officers the certificate of accreditation as a recognition being the accredited chapter in Austria of PNA, Inc., Manila, Philippines. In December 18, 2001 the President sent a letter to the “Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund (KAV)”, requesting it that the hours earned during seminars, lectures, etc. conducted by the Association which are intended for fortifying nursing skills and knowledge should be recognized and accepted by it. KAV, through the Director of the “Kranken- und Altenpflege” Department, “Generaloberin” Charlotte Staudinger, had informed him that the hours earned are recognized and accepted and could be entered into the Further Education Pass (Fortbildungspass). PNA-Austria is secured for ten years after it has obtained the clearance of the Patent Office on January 24, 2002. The goal of PNA-Austria, a non-profit organization, is the utmost utilization of professional services to support, enhance and to maximize the care of patients and it should be carried out irregardless of the patient’s religion, status and culture. Its objective, among others, shall to unite the Filipino nurses up to the national level whereby a profitable sharing of experiences would be facilitated, and to support likewise the integration of Filipino nurses into the Austrian working system. Since its inception PNA-Austria has made significant progress in increasing its membership and has reached several Austrian states already. It has conducted scores of lectures and seminars to supplement the nursing knowledge of its constituents and for the advancement of their skills and professional growth. It has also provided several activities to soothe and ease them off of their strenuous and wearing job. It has also gained recognition and respect in various sectors especially in the Filipino community and the Austrians as well. PNA-Austria is at present the most active foreign chapter of the Philippine Nurses Association, Inc., Manila, Philippines based on the information provided by same to PNA-A. Regular reports have been sent by the President to apprise the Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. Manila about its constituency, activities and course of actions.
Location: The Philippine Nurses Association – Austria Traviatagasse 12-16/2/9, A-1230 Vienna, Austria Phone: +436991 9663690 Fax: +431 9663690

Amesco Davao

October 7, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

Amesco cares. Amesco (Allied Medical Equipment & Supply Corporation) is a family owned corporation which is primarily engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of medical supplies and equipment and other health and wellness products in the Mindanao region. It was founded 1979 and since been the reliable source of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical and dental supplies, instruments, equipment to hospital and healthcare institutions, the Department of Health in Region 11, and the private residents especially in Davao city. However, as a wholesale trader of medical products, it also caters the whole Mindanao region from Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Sur, General Santos City, Cotabato City and Cotabato province.

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Association of Philippine Physicians in Maryland

June 6, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

In 1976, deep into a cold and wintry night, Diony Faustino was driving back home from Virginia. He just attended a meeting of the Philippine Medical Association of Washington. He was clearly tired, earlier that day, he also ministered to a waiting room full of patients. Then he wondered, Why do I have to drive so far? Why can’t we have our own association of physicians in Maryland? That week he mentioned the idea to his close friends, Cesar Castillo, Ben Lazaro, Gerry Alonso among others. The seeds of APPM were sowed. The initial response of the other Filipino physicians in the community to the idea was at best tepid. Diony said, “It took two years before we could get it going. Gus De Leon, Ed Singca, Jimmy Punzalan were among the first set of officers. Organizational meetings were held, but attendance left a lot to be desired. Perhaps, the physicians at that time, enjoying their independence in a golden era of unencumbered medicine, were not ready for the idea. The concept of the organization being touted as a possible chapter of the APPA also did not sit well to some. ( A remark was made that one of the reasons for the low attendance during meetings then was because meals were not part of the agenda. Nowadays the luncheon meetings are sponsored by drug companies. With the gustatory entertainment being free, a member has to make reservations to get into the meeting room.) In the mid 1980s there was a conscious effort on the part of the organization to get involved in the affairs of the State Medical Society. The APPM members were encouraged to join, and by design, were appointed to the different committees of Med-Chi. The hope was to be able to participate in the policy making of the Med-Chi instead of being mere bystanders. As a result of this involvement, the APPM helped influence some important legislations at that time. In the 1980s there was a growing sentiment among our American peers to limit the entry of international graduates in Maryland. The BPQA, thru Med-Chi attempted to enact a legislation, in which two sets of requirements, one for IMG and another for AMG would have been the law. The requirements for an IMG obtaining licensure would have included 3 years of residency training within the State of Maryland. That would have severely limited entry of IMG physicians who trained in other states. The APPM, together with other groups, lobbied against this and the attempts by the State Society were finally abandoned. The early 1990s also ushered a communion with the drug companies. Annual meetings became dinner dances, executive meetings became luncheons, always sponsored by drug companies with a CME thrown in. The affairs were jam-packed. ( but the business meetings always took too long ) CMEs were incorporated with cruises to such exotic places as the Caribbean, Greece and Alaska. The idea of medical mission became a reality in 1995. Spearheaded by the tireless effort of Mayette Caragay, a medical mission was held in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. Another mission was held in 1996. The year 1997 is a rest period. Amendments in the By-laws were introduced in 1995 to include a new category of membership, the interns and residents, who were asked to pay a nominal fee.
Location: Association of Philippine Physicians in Maryland Maryland, USA

Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey

May 18, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

The Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey is a non-profit professional organization founded on August 8, 1976 by a small group of ambitious and dedicated Philippine trained nurses in response to the growing needs t o protect and to promote the general well-being of the Filipino nurse. Since then, the PNANJ has become one of the most dynamic associations in New Jersey. It dealt with activities that have enhanced the intellectual, cultural, social, economic and personal well-being of the Filipino nurse. In 1987, the Filipino nurse at Newark Beth Medical Center established the first local subchapter of the PNANJ. Subsequent subchapters were formed and joined the organization: Elizabeth General Medical Center, Bergen Pines Hospital, St. Peters Medical Center, Raritan Bay Medical Center, South Amboy Memorial Hospital, St. Michael Medical Center, Irvington General Hospital and Ocean County Medical Center. PNANJ is an active member of Federation of the Societies in New Jersey, NAFFAA, New Jersey Coalition of Nursing Organizations and actively co-sponsors activities with the New Jersey State Association. Officers of this organization play an active role in the Philippine Nurse Association of America and represent New Jersey with pride. PNANJ works closely with the Philippine Consulate office.
Location: Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey 2 Drake Way Morris Plains, NJ 07950 USA

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Filipino Nurses’ Association

May 14, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 2

The Filipino Nurses’ Association is a non profit organization principally sponsored by the company to provide assistance to Filipino nurses wanting to work in the United States. The Filipino Nurses Association, Inc., was formed in response to the escalating need for a collective effort in addressing the multifarious issues and concerns of Filipino and Filipino American nurses in California. They aim to rally them to take an active role in promoting the advancement of the nursing profession while contributing to the development of a positive nursing image responsive to the metamorphosing health care arena and cognizant of a national nursing shortage that is threatening delivery of quality health care. Based on the initial meeting during the fall of 2003 hitherto, active and respectable Filipino nurses from the various fields of nursing practice that make up the leadership of the Filipino Nurses Association, Inc. have been working towards unifying the burgeoning numbers of Filipino and Filipino American nurses in the state. Its primary goal is to foster the personal and professional growth of its members. Issue and value driven and driven to succeed embody the core paradigm of the association. – To unite all Philippine nurses in the state of California to promote the highest standards of professional quality practice, educational and cultural advancement, and socio-economic stability. – To uphold the rights and prerogatives of Filipino-American nurses practicing in the United States, within the framework of existing laws and organizational policies. – To study, discuss, and exchange information regarding problems and issues relevant to nursing practice, education, and research through networking with other professional nursing organizations. – To provide continuing education designed to assist nursing practitioners in identifying and fulfilling their career goals, professional responsibilities and cultural adjustments. – To secure and support legislation that would improve and enhance the practice of nursing as defined in California State. – To participate actively in community activities that will enhance the purpose and objectives of the Association.
Location: Filipino Nurses’ Association California, USA

California Nurses Association

May 12, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 1

Founded in 1903, the California Nurses Association today represents over 65,000 members in 165 facilities throughout California, and thousands more across the country through the National Nurses Organizing Committee, which was founded by CNA. California Nurses Association is the largest and fastest-growing organization of direct care Registered Nurses in the country and are dedicated to providing a voice for nurses and a vision for healthcare. California Nurses Association’s continuing education, mentoring and professional development programs provide members with the tools and training they need to stay at the forefront of our ever-changing profession. California Nurses Association’s advocacy for nurses and patients provides an important check to corporate domination of the healthcare debates. The CNA sponsored California’s first-in-the-nation law guaranteeing a safe ratio of RNs to patients in Emergency Rooms and hospitals and generated world wide renown for our successful fight to overturn the efforts of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the hospital industry to suspend key portions of the law. This bill has been called one of the most significant bills in the history of nursing and will have an impact on hundreds of thousands of California patients, as well as on debates about healthcare reform across the country. CNA is also the sponsor of numerous other patient advocacy protections including whistleblower protection for nurses and other hospital employees who expose unsafe hospital conditions, laws cracking down on HMO limitations on patient care, and restrictions on inappropriate staff providing telephone medical advice. California’s Nursing Practice Act (originally sponsored by the CNA), requires nurses to independently advocate for patients, and we honor this responsibility from the bedside to the statehouse. Over the century of their existence, the California Nurses Association has helped develop many of the modern norms of the RN profession, including establishing collective bargaining for nurses; mandating 40-hour work weeks, overtime pay, and retirement and health benefits for nurses and setting floating provisions and requirements that every patient be assessed once daily by an RN. Today CNA is recognized by nurses across the nation for premier collective bargaining contracts that include a strong voice for bedside nurses that has produced innovative patient care protections, restrictions on unsafe practices, retirement security for tens of thousands of RNs in the form of secure pension plans and retiree health benefits, and compensation packages that are second to none in the nursing profession. The California Nurses Association publishes California Nurse Magazine and Revolution: The Journal for RNs and Patient Advocacy. CNA is a co-founder of the California Nurses Foundation.
Location: California Nurses Association 2000 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94612 USA Phone: (510) 273-2200 Fax: (510) 663-1625

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National Association of School Nurses

May 8, 2013 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

The National Association of School Nurses serves over 12,000 members. National Association of School Nurses’s core purpose is to advance the delivery of professional school health services to promote optimal health and learning in students. The National Association of School Nurses Improves the health and educational success of children and youth by developing and providing leadership to advance school nursing practice. Overall Goal: National Association of School Nurses will successfully bridge transition to become a significant voice for school nursing nationally. Goals: – Member Programs and Resources: NASN will be its members’ primary and indispensable resource for school health programs, services, and experiences. – Advocacy: NASN will be an influential advocate for school nursing and the constituents served. – Public Relations: NASN will be the voice of expert information on school health. – Research: NASN will build a culture that supports outcome-based research for the advancement of school nursing practice.
Location: National Association of School Nurses 8484 Georgia Avenue, Suite 420 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 U.S.A. Phone: 1-240-821-1130 Toll-Free: 1-866-627-6767 Fax: 1-301-585-1791

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RITM Dermatology

November 3, 2012 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

Established through Executive Order (EO) 674, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) is a research facility of the Department of Health aimed to advance health and conduct medical research programs for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment o occurring contagious tropical diseases in the Philippines. This included studies that concerning the development of vaccines and medicine utilized healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses for the prevention and treatment of communicable tropical illnesses and infections. RITM also conducts medical training for healthcare workers to abreast them of the latest discoveries and trends in the management of tropical transmittable diseases. It also offers quick laboratory response when epidemic happens especially for rising and recurring infections such as dengue, which had been a perennial health problem in the Philippines during rainy season. The development of plans and research programs such as the formulation and distribution of biological products and vaccines also forms part of the functions of the institute.

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What is ORNAP?

September 25, 2012 Category :All About Nursing| Healthcare Associations 0

The Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines or ORNAP is a professional association of operating room nurses, which was established to promote the professional standards of Perioperative Nursing in the Philippines. ORNAP aims to develop and cultivate the professional standards operating nurses through advance education and continuing research activities that promise to add more knowledge and practice of perioperative nursing. The association works in partnership with different healthcare organizations for collaborative training and research activities. ORNAP also aims to sustain the professional relationship among all its members in accord and impart values driven decision making strategies. The organization envisions to develop proficient and self-motivated perioperative nurses dedicated to advancement of the profession and the provision of the best possible perioperative nursing services both here and abroad.

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What is NCNZ Approval Letter?

June 1, 2012 Category :Healthcare Associations| Immigration Consultancy 0

The Nursing Council of New Zealand NCNZ has a tool kit that has been provided for every Health District Boards (DHBs). This tools and information is to provide or give the NCNZ the endorsement process for their nursing entry to practice (NETP) expansion programmed. Because not anyone who wanted to have a job as a nurse in New Zealand can actually work anytime in their place without having to pass or have an approval letter. There are two very important documents to consider when processing the approval letter of the NCNZ.

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20th Annual Convention and 10th National Meeting on Childhood Asthma of the Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologist, Inc. (PAPP)

March 13, 2012 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

The Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists, Inc. will be holding the 20th PAPP Annual Convention and 10th National Meeting on Childhood Asthma on March 19 to 12, 2012 at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Mandaluyong City.

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57th Annual Convention of the Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines (NDAP)

February 9, 2012 Category :Announcements| Healthcare Associations 0

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Medical Society Directory Listing

January 20, 2010 Category :Medical Societies 1

Academy of Filipino Neurosurgeons
Rm. 401, Medico Bldg., San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City
Phone 631-3882

Aerospace Medical Association of the Philippines
Office of the Chief Surgeon
Philippine Air Force General Hospital
Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
Phone 832-1007

American College of Chest Physicians-Philippine Chapter
Room R-603 Cathedral Heights Building Complex
North Tower, St. Luke’s Medical Center
E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
Phone 724-8536 / 723-0101 loc. 5603
Fax 724-9560
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H.E.A.R.T. Foundation

January 12, 2010 Category :Healthcare Associations 7

The HEART EDUCATIONAL ADVANCEMENT FOR RESEARCH AND TRAINING  (H.E.A.R.T.) FOUNDATION INC., is an entity offering regular trainings and seminars in the medical field since 1999. It conducts monthly Basic Life Support (BLS), Electrocardiography (ECG) and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) courses. It also offers NCLEX review program for Registered Nurses. Other courses offeredare Cardio- Renal and Cardio-pulmonary trainings; Pediatric Cardiology (Back to Basics), Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Cardio-Sonographer Training. The courses are being handled by by consultants, medical staff, residents and cardiology fellows of the Philippine Heart Center.

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The Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists (PSA)

October 28, 2009 Category :Healthcare Associations 1

A specialty Society of the Philippine Medical Association

PSA Vision
The Society envisions the Filipino anesthesiologists as world-class professionals pursuing the PSA Mission with deep sense of fulfillment and pride. » Continue Reading


October 6, 2009 Category :Healthcare Associations 6

ORNAP is a non-stock, non-political, and non-sectarian organization, with the following objectives:

1. To unite perioperative nurses of the Philippines.
2. To promote the highest professional standards of perioperative nursing practice for the optimum care of patients.
3. To provide opportunity for continuous learning through diversified educational activities. » Continue Reading


Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF)

September 22, 2009 Category :Healthcare Associations 5

The Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) is a binational organization responsible for the administration of the Fulbright exchanges between the Philippines and the United States, the Hubert H. Humphrey fellowships, and the East-West Center scholarships. It also serves as a clearinghouse for information on educational institutions and programs in the Philippines and the United States.
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Philippine Nurses Society of New Zealand

September 8, 2009 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

The formation of the group of Filipino Nurses in Wellington was first initiated in 1999 by the guidance of Rev. Fr. Raymond Soriano, SVD, Filipino Chaplain. The idea of Philippine Nurses Society of New Zealand was then formulated and organized by a group of Filipino nurses. The first set of officers were elected on April of the same year. It has been agreed to be recognized as a Society through formal application for incorporation under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. The Philippine Nurses Society New Zealand was then incorporated on the 23rd day of December, 1999. PHILOSOPHY: Philippine Nurses Society of New Zealand’s philisophy is to provide a close social relationship with a professional focus, cultural, moral, psychological support, advice and assistance to all Filipino nurses within the greater Wellington region.
Location: Philippine Nurses Society of New Zealand Inc Wellington, New Zealand Phone: (04) 389 7077

Occupational Health Nurses Association Inc.

September 8, 2009 Category :Healthcare Associations 12

Occupational Health Nurses Association Inc. offers the following services: – Health Care Services Contact: FANNY ISIDRO Designation: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Location: Occupational Health Nurses Association Inc. Cityland Condominium Tower 1 248 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue 1200 Makati, Philippines Phone: 8402211 Fax: 8943049