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Things You Need to Know on How to Become a Nurse Trainee

October 13, 2011 Category :All About Nursing 0

Most students these days consider having a profession in the medical field. After their nursing course, some of them continue their studies in order to become a doctor someday and other push through with their nursing career. There are those who stay to serve their fellowmen and others opt to go to other countries because of the high paying salary. No matter where you choose to pursue your career, you have to go through certain trainings and you have to experience being a nurse trainee before becoming a registered nurse. Not to mention the fact that there are a series of tests that you have to go through to acquire the licenses that every nurse needs.

Each school that is offering a nursing course usually have an OJT (on the job training) program for each student. They serve as trainees in different hospitals to help them experience how it is to be a real nurse. They are usually assigned in different departments depending on the hospital’s availability. This is definitely a good way for nursing students to fully understand the duties of a nurse. The experience that they can get from their training can help them when they start working as a certified nurse. Being a volunteer nurse entails a lot of dedication because you have to play close attention to your subordinates so that you can acquire their work ethic and for you to know the things that you need to do and the things that you should avoid once you start working professionally.

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How to get a Nursing Job in Singapore

October 12, 2011 Category :All About Nursing 1

Singapore officially the Republic of Singapore is a Southern Asian city-state of the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is an island country made up of 63 islands. Over the last decade, Singapore’s economy has progressively grown to be the Southeast Asian Goliath that they are today. Investors both local and International are taking part in the Singaporean economic roar. And the result of this economic growth is the possible job opportunities.

Singaporean hospitals are experiencing shortage in their nursing staff. And the best country to fill in their shortage of nurses is the Philippines. Many nursing graduates in the Philippines are looking for a greener pastures, they are graduated with licensed unfortunately they are having a hard time looking for a job. Some can find a job but mostly not related to their course. Others choose to work in foreign countries other than Canada. And one of these countries is Singapore.

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IELTS Fee in the Philippines

September 24, 2011 Category :All About Nursing 0

The International English Language Test System (IELTS) is the standard entrance prerequisite test by British, New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian Universities to qualify for employment or for abroad training.  As the most familiar English language proficiency testing in the world, the US government is also gradually starting to accept the valid scores in this assessment test as its standard.  The test is essentially intended to evaluate the speaking and language aptitude of a candidate who will work or study in the said countries where the English language is the lingua franca.

There are a multitude of training providers for IELTS in the Philippines. While most providers are institutions, some also provide private tutorial lessons. The commonwealth Institute (TCI) is one such institution that provides IELTS preparation.  It is a private English language test preparation and teaching institution located in Makati City.  It offers English language courses and meticulous knowledge in different levels.

Among the courses they offer includes intermediate and advanced business writing, advanced English grammar, phonetics, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, speaking and critical thinking.  Most training providers initially conduct an assessment to determine the English proficiency level of a candidate in order to properly align which course level is appropriate for them.

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How to Get Job for Nurses in Dubai

September 23, 2011 Category :All About Nursing 0

The Philippines produces many graduates of the nursing profession annually. It not only produces graduates but registered nurses with licenses and hands on experience, which forms part of their education. Despite being a registered nurse or RN, however, job opportunities for nurses are scarce.  Even worse, some new nurses are abused by some institutions by accommodating them as volunteer nurses with no compensation or even a mere allowance for transportation.   Because of the lack of career opportunities in the country or jobs that offer a decent pay, the first thing that pops in the mind of many Filipino nurses is to find a job abroad that fairly compensates their skills after graduation.  This is also precisely why most nurses don’t think twice once the opportunity knocks on their door.

There are many local agencies that offer jobs abroad especially in Middle East like Dubai. One of the best resources for finding nursing jobs in Dubai is the Internet.  Apart from the Department of Labor, there are numerous websites that provide a list of nursing job opportunities in Dubai like Jobstreet.com, Jobsdb.com, Workabroad.com.ph and the Dubai Job Secrets guide, among others. Once you find a list of available job that fits you, you can now apply for that said position. Of course, you have to secure basic documents the agency may require such as passports, NBI clearance, PRC license, health clearance from a duly authorized clinic and your resume. Finally, the working visa is secured once the employer hires you.  Most recruitment agencies offers comprehensive assistance to their employees including securing work permits, certifications and sometimes even accommodation.  Some hospital employers also provide all these assistance as one complete package to ensure the applicant readily accepts the offer.

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How to Be a Cruise Nurse

September 21, 2011 Category :All About Nursing 0

Working on a cruise ship is a big deal especially to people who loves to travel as it allows you to travel the world for free. Working as a nurse in a cruise ship is one such opportunity that allows you to work and cruise at the same time. However, becoming one of the many aspiring nurses on the ship takes more than just a nursing degree or license.

The qualifications of a cruise nurse are as follows: He/ she must be a registered nurse (RN) who graduated from an accredited medical school. He/ She must gain at least four years of work experience in a hospital emergency room or at intensive care units particularly for trauma, and cardiac care. Some other ship lines require 10 years of work experience. He/ she must have a valid nursing registration in the country of the employer.  Finally, the basic requirements when applying includes updated curriculum vitae, a picture and an application cover letter.

Some cruise lines required the aspiring applicant to be fluent in English which is the international language. Many travelers aboard the ships come from different country around the globe. Knowing some basic language of Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese would definitely be an advantage. It would also be a requirement to have a social science background to increase the cross cultural understanding and skills.  Not every company has the same requirements, that’s why it is best to go to their website, research the company background and contact information so that an applicant can ask for additional information or any clarification.

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Taking To The Air, Flight Nurse Urges New Training For Air Care

May 9, 2011 Category :All About Nursing 0

The fastest way to the hospital may be a helicopter ride. The safest way is with a well-trained acute-care flight nurse with expertise in working in the cramped, noisy, vibrating and extreme hot and cold environment on board the aircraft.

To meet the growing demand to fly patients from an accident or disaster scene or from one hospital to another, researchers from Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing call for new competencies and training for flight nurses.

Andrew Reimer, a flight nurse and PhD graduate of the nursing school, and Shirley Moore, the associate dean of research at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, outlined these goals in the Journal of Advanced Nursing article, “Flight Nursing Expertise: Towards a Middle-Range Theory.”

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Nurses’ Long Work Hours, Scheduling Can Increase Patient Mortality

May 8, 2011 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing News 0

A new study has found that patient deaths from pneumonia and acute myocardial infarction were significantly more likely in hospitals where nurses reported schedules with long work hours.

The finding was just one of several revelations from a study of nurses’ work schedules, patient outcomes, and staffing led by University of Maryland School of Nursing researchers in collaboration with researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Great Job Demands for Registered Nurses

December 5, 2010 Category :All About Nursing 1

Nursing is one of the largest health care professions in the United States alone. Did you know that there in the US there are about 3 million registered nurses? Aside from seeing nurses in hospitals, there are other areas where there is a great need for RNs – like nursing homes, hospices, private corporations, schools, and even residential home care.

Aside from the obvious great demands for nursing locally and overseas, more and more people are opting to study nursing because great salary compensation awaits them, as well as job security.

There are actually different fields and areas where there is a great demand for registered nurses. With regards to the different fields of nursing, the anesthetists, delivery nurses, pediatric nurses, and psychiatric nurses are the most in demand.

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Can You Be a Nursing Educator?

November 9, 2010 Category :All About Nursing 1

Are you becoming so burned out working as a nurse in a hospital or related institution? The nursing profession can drain an individual emotionally and physically. It is for this reason that careful planning is necessary for a career transition later in life.

With proper planning, finding alternative nursing jobs is not as hard as you think. Do you still love the profession but you are just too tired to take care of other people everyday of your life? Ever considered shifting to a new career that is still related to the nursing profession? You can be a nursing educator – are you up for the challenge?

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What is Occupational Health Nursing?

November 1, 2010 Category :All About Nursing 0

Nurses play an essential role in the health care system. They are the ones who provide basic patient care. They attend to every patient’s needs. The nursing profession is diverse. Nurses are not only those who wear white with caps on their heads and administer medications to patients by their bedsides. There are actually several types of nurses.

There are those that are called Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). They are also called a nursing aide and they work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Their main duty is to closely monitor the status of their patients. The RN or Registered Nurse can perform a wide array of duties which include administering medications, provide treatments, as well as patient-education. The RNs are degree holders and can still take up further specialization studies.

Another type of nurses is the Public Health Nurse (PHN). These are Registered Nurses whose specialization is community health. They are the ones who can work with individual or families to provide medical help among the community. A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) usually works in hospitals, clinics, and private homes. They work under close supervision of Registered Nurses and doctors.

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What Does a Licensed Practical Nurse Do?

October 28, 2010 Category :All About Nursing 0

A Licensed Practical Nurse is a professional who assists a registered nurse or a medical doctor in examining and treating patients. Most students opt to study Practical Nursing because they only need to be in school for at least a year, unlike taking a bachelor’s degree which takes four years to complete. In order to be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you need to have completed a practical nursing training program. Read on to know what exactly the job duties of an LPN are.

An LPN is allowed to perform simple and complex medical care for patients are in considered to be in stable condition. Their level of work is skills-based and they seldom need to make any critical medical decisions. Licensed Practical Nurses work under the supervision of either registered nurses or doctors.

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Know the Ins and Outs of the Critical Nursing Field

October 27, 2010 Category :All About Nursing 0

What is critical care nursing? When people hear critical health care patients, most of the time, these are patients that have life-threatening conditions and are confined in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Those nurses who can render duty works in ICUs are called critical care nurses. Critical care nursing is a specialization in the nursing field that ensures the delivery of optimum health care to critically ill patients.

Patients who are considered critically ill are highly at risk, have unstable condition, and are considered to have complex and sensitive health care needs, thus, these patients need cautious and intensive nursing care.

Critical care nurses are needed in ICUs, cardiac catheter laboratories, cardiac care units, emergency departments, and progressive care units. Their presence is also vital in telemetry units and recovery rooms. They are also part of a medical evaluation and transport groups of all hospitals.

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Family Nursing Care Plan (FNCP)

October 11, 2009 Category :All About Nursing 0

Is the blueprint of the care that the nurse designs to systematically minimize or eliminate the identified health and family nursing problems through explicitly formulated outcomes of care (goals and objectives) and deliberately chosen set of interventions, resources and evaluation criteria, standards, methods and tools. » Continue Reading

Nurse Exam Application Center (NEAC)

September 8, 2009 Category :All About Nursing 2

Nurse Exam Application Center (NEAC) was founded by American entrepreneurs in order to assist international nurses with the NCLEX-RN application process. NEAC, NCSBN and Pearson Vue are all separate entities and have different functions. NEAC is specially geared to facilitate the application process by assisting international nurses with the task of preparing their applications to obtain US Nursing licensure by NCLEX-RN Exam and sends the completed and error-free forms to the designated State Board of Nursing. NEAC is specialized in assisting nurses only with the NCLEX Application Process. NEAC is a legally established Company under DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and it is certified: CERTIFICATE NO: 00252819 Manila, CERTIFICATE NO: 00272388 Cebu, CERTIFICATE NO: 00257662 Davao. NEAC has served thousands of NCLEX-RN applicants and we have never failed. Every applicant that has processed using our services has been able to take NCLEX and has enjoyed headache-free, stress-free application processing and has eliminated financial losses. NEAC is specialized to assist international nurses with preparing their NCLEX-RN applications. We understand that some of the Board of Nursing requirements may be complicated and confusing and the applications may not be easy to fill in out without any assistance. An incomplete application form may cause your application to be rejected and you may loose time and money. We can assist you with collecting the correct requirements, preparing your application and sending your application to the State of your choice. * Fully Computerized NCLEX-RN Applications, * Expert Assistance with filling out applications to prevent delays and rejections, * Original Finger Print Card. No ordering, No waiting! * Assistance with international payment transfers for the exam, * Guaranteed, safe, online trackable express mailing, * Assistance in securing ATT and (in less than 48 hours! (Participating States Only) , * Scheduling / Re-scheduling via Pearson, * Free International Phone Follow ups to resolve any issues, * Assistance with CES Applications. Other Services: o Visa Screening Application Assistance o CGFNS Exam Application Assistance o IELTS / TOEFL Application Assistance o NCLEX-RN Licensure by Endorsement o CES / CVS Application processing
Location: NEAC EXAM APPLICATION CENTER MANILA MAIN: St. Thomas Square Mall 2nd Floor (next to KAPLAN Review Center) 1150 Espana Boulevard corner of Padre Campa St. Sampaloc, Manila 1008 Phone: (02) 734-1426 ADMIN OFFICE: Unit 307 3rd Floor Consuelo Bldg. N.Reyes St. Sampaloc Manila 1008 NEAC EXAM APPLICATION CENTER Cebu Branch Mango Square Mall Gen Max Ave. 3rd Floor Unit 301-C Cebu City 6000 Phone: 63-32-238-2647 NEAC EXAM APPLICATION CENTER Davao Branch Door 12 Elena Arcade, Governor Duterte Street Davao City 8000 Phone: 082 222-4262 EXAM APPLICATION PROCESSING OFFICE 545 Orchard Road #04-18 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882 Tel: (65) 6733 1314