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Care-giver Training Center, Inc.

Below is the List of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) authorized programs for Care-giver Training Center, Inc. Course Authorized: Certificate in Caregiver NC II Duration: 7 Months
Location: Care-giver Training Center, Inc. 3/F Manalili Pressman Bldg. #103 E. Rodriguez Quezon City Philippines

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  1. Nicholas Ng'ang'a Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Education Supplements International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nakuru,Kenya.
    We are inviting you to get involved or offer your assistance in the Dundori Orphans Help Project.We have already launched it and have 30 orphans (18 males and 12 females) of parents who have died from HIV/AIDS(the quarterly report for NGOs/CBOs/FBOs to the National AIDS CONTROL COUNCIL for July to September 2009 for St Peter’s Wanyororo Disabled Group which we started as a model group is available for your perusal on request).
    It is located about 20 Km from Nakuru town in Wanyororo village in Dundori location in Nakuru North District.The project is in a very poor area and already many of the orphans who live with their grand-parents at home sleep hungry without food as most of the orphans also come from a background of disability(we also have the Wanyororo Disability Project for the disabled people,details available on request).
    The rains failed in most parts of Kenya(during the major rain season starting from february to march) including this region,crops dried-up and there is a looming hunger coming in the next few months as many people have not had any harvests(it is true that the food stores of many Kenyans are empty),many families are going without food and there were reports of a few deaths from hunger although the rains are now falling again and re-planting is being done.
    We are from a sincere heart of humility requesting for your help,co-operation and assistance to help us launch a feeding program to give this orphans at least one meal a day.I believe that there are people and organizations in your country who could join us in this noble project of preventing deaths and suffering from orphans who have very little hope if any in this world due to poverty,disease and disability.We urgently need donors of food to save lives.I know that it is impossible to express the seriousness of the situation until you see it on the ground.
    The objective of the project is to provide basic needs to children who have lost parents.
    Kind of assistance needed:1)Food
    2)Clothing & Shoes(Casual)
    3)School sponsorship(fees)
    4)School uniform
    5)Academic equipment(books,pens,pencils)
    6)Sports equipment
    7)Parental mentoring
    You can also do us and these children a lot of favour by suggesting other organizations that are in a position to help these children.
    Looking forward to working with you!
    Kindest regards.

    Nicholas Ng’ang’a
    Education Supplements International
    P.O Box 3305
    Cell Phone:020 3528347


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