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Typical Day for ER Nurse

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Nurses have different types of jobs they handle in hospital. Usually, there are three levels of nurses. The Registered Nurse (RNs,) Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Certified Nursing Assistance (CNAs). However in today’s world can find a new and unique type of nursing care giver in the hospital situations. The Registered nurses are the highest educated nurses to be able to work on a hospital. They are the professional level kind of nurse who graduated and have a degree as a Registered Nurse. It varies from an Associate’s Degree in Science (ASN) to a Doctoral Degree in Nursing Science (DNSc). The Registered Nurses are the one that can see commonly in the acute care of the hospital.

Next is the Licensed Practical Nurse, they are the one who has 2 years of education at a secondary school. They are commonly skilled type of nurse. They cannot be seen usually in the acute care setting of the hospital, and are normally behind the scene of the hospital. They usually work in the long term care setting.

Certified Nursing Assistants or the CNAs are commonly trained in a month program, they are skilled in providing care, assistance to the patients in the activities of everyday life. Meaning they are well trained in the bathing, grooming, and toileting, walking, eating of the patients in the hospitals. Can find these kinds of nurses also in the nursing homes, clinics, hospitals and homecare setting, because they have just studied for a month or so as a CNA, which is why they are least to be paid as a nursing assistant.

Followed by the Nursing Techs, these are the nursing extenders, taught by the hospital where they are working. These types of nursing level need not have a formal education for techs and no state licensure that will assure them for a minimum competency of the practitioner. They are usually seen in the hospital as a nursing assistance that provides to the patients their bedside care, hang IV solutions, change wound dressing.

No matter what kind of level of nursing the person has, the best and productive nurses are the ones that never complain or never stop in doing their best jobs as a nurse whether they are RNs, LPNs and others. The attitude as a nurse in helping the patients recover is the best traits or character a nurse has to posses. Never stop learning, because education is a continuous process might as well apply it as an effective nurse.

Another tiring and yet rewarding level of nurse if assigned in ER. The Typical ER Nurse’s day can be measured on how the level of passion a nurse can be. Since the ER nurse usually assigned to administer in front in every emergency situation. This job is very challenging. One has to have the energy, excitement, teamwork and the purpose in saving lives in order for the ER nurse to continue the services needed by the emergency patient.

The typical ER nurse’s day deal with everyday emergency situation. It is a life and death scenario in every hospital setting. The typical nurse’s day should have at least the needed powers to face the greatest challenges in an emergency situation, composing oneself in trying to lessen someone who is in pain is very important for an ER nurse. Of course, situation like this should have to ask help from our Creator for a needed support in taking care of the patients’ conditions.

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