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Training and Seminars for Nurses in Baguio

Training and Seminars are important for nurses and for all professionals for that matter to refresh them with their knowledge or abreast them with the latest discoveries, trends, and equipment in their respective field of expertise.  Training and seminars are also a cheaper alternative for professional to gain in depth knowledge about a subject matter to which they can specialize.  While there are many professional training and seminar programs available in the country, it is worthwhile to know in advance the training seminars available in your respective area considering the highly demanding jobs of nurses which reduces their free time to attend such critical courses.

The summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio city is one of the primary venues for nurse training and seminars.  While many different private healthcare centers sponsor and conduct training seminars for nurses, one of the renowned training providers for the nursing professionals in the Philippines is the GSN International Skills Enhancement and Education Center and the Global Learning Innovations.

For the year 2011 alone, Baguio city had been a venue for many nursing training and seminars that specially caters nurses from Baguio and its nearby provinces.  For instance, just last June 23, a training seminar on “Basic Life support with Automated External Defibrillator was conducted in Baguio in association with the American Heart Association Standard. In anticipation of the disasters and typhoons in the coming months, Baguio nurses were also given training on Emergency and Trauma Nursing so that they can effectively attend to typhoon and landslide victims, which was especially common in the mountain provinces.  Earlier on last April 3, Critical Care nursing seminar was held in the SM Cinema of Baguio which specifically deals with human responses to life threatening problems.  This helps nurses to effectively respond to critically ill patients and families.   On June 19 of this year, Global Learning Innovations conducted a 2 day seminar training on Electrocardiography at the Gladiola Center in Baguio.  Commonly known as ECG, nurses are properly trained on how to conduct the noninvasive procedure for recording electrical changes in the heart.  The same training provider conducted a Forensic Nursing Seminar Series last September 4, 2011 which was also held in SM Cinema. Forensic nursing seminar is a specialized training in forensic evidence collection, analysis and investigation which can help nurses who want to pursue a career in criminal investigation or in the justice department. The seminar included discussion on death examination, autopsy, documentation of evidence and the care of victims especially of sexually abused patients.

This coming November, a 3 day basic IVT (Intravenous Therapy) Training will be held in Saint Louis University Hospital of Sacred Heart from November 11 to 13.   Those interested to join the training may call the following telephone numbers (074) 442-5700 to 5701 loc 529. Topics to be covered included: Blood and Blood Components Transfusion Therapy, Intravenous Chemotherapy, Venipuncture, Parenteral Nutrition, Dosage and Solutions Competency Review, among others.  Course fee for each IVT seminar is P 600.00 a day which totals P 1,800.00 for 3 days.  The fees already included training material kits, certificates, lunch and snacks.

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