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Top Hospitals in the Philippines

The Philippines is fast becoming a medical tourist destination because of its medical competence that is at par with the world’s best, but which is relatively cheaper compared to medical institutions in Europe and America. Following are the top hospitals in the Philippines that lead the way for transforming the country into a medical tourist hub.

St. Luke’s Medical Center – This is the most popular hospital in the Philippines when it comes to advance medical equipment and first class health service. It is known as hospital of the rich in the Philippines because it is the most expensive.

Philippine General Hospital (PGH) – this is the national public hospital in the Philippines that is administered and operated by the University of the Philippines, which is known to produce the best the brightest medical personnel and graduates in the Philippines. As a government hospital, it is the generally known as the hospital for indigent patients.

Makati Medical Center – another tertiary hospital in the Philippines that is known for catering the elite class. It is owned and operated by the Medical Doctors Inc., a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation.

UST Hospital – Founded in 1577 as San Juan de Dios Hospital, this is the clinical training institution of the University of Santo Tomas, one of the oldest medical schools in the Philippines that is known to have produced the best doctors, physicians and medical practitioners in the Philippines and in the whole world.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center – One of the newest tertiary hospital established on 2002 that has gained reputation for its advance medical facilities and international standards. It was founded by Jorge Garcia, MD, an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas.

The Medical City – This is another hospital institution that has gained reputations for its first class service that caters the rich and those lucky few who have medical insurance. Quality has its price and the Medical city is testament to this.

Cardinal Santos Medical – this is a 235-bed tertiary general hospital named in honor of Archbishop Rufino Cardinal Santos. This private hospital caters the rich but has a special section for indigent patients as part of the archibishop’s vision. The hospital is managed by Colinas Verdes Hospital Managers Corporation (CVHMC) under Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC).

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