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Symbios Wellness Sanctuary

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Symbios is a part of the BioVitale Holistic Center that serves as an urban landscape where people can mediate, connect with nature, purify their minds, relieve themselves from stress, freshen their spirits and invigorate their spirits. Symbios is on top of a mountain whose exact location is kept secret to maintain the sanctity and purity of the place. It is approximately a 20 minute drive from Quezon City. The sanctuary has meditative gardens, clear water streams, mini waterfalls and fresh water lagoon where meditators can stay, swim, take a bath and commune with nature.

The Symbios holistic and wellness sanctuary has accommodations for people who wanted to stay in the place overnight. The accommodations are simple and natural primarily made of indigenous bamboos and nipa materials in order to match the naturalness of the surroundings. It also has KOI ponds, Cavannah and duyan, where people can relax and reflect and undergo nature therapies like Sun Therapy and Natural Sound Therapy, among others.

For food, Symbiosis serve locally grown organic (locavare) foods from native chicken or organic tilapia, which the visitor or guest can catch by himself as well as different vegetables and fruits which they can pick in the natural environment.

Symbiosis is a sanctuary which forms of part of the BioVitale program, where family, individuals and groups can have a health and spiritual retreat, where they can have a date with nature; revisit their culture, lost arts and healing practices.

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