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Nursing in Australia

Posted on January 27, 2014 | 1 Comment on Nursing in Australia

Immigration and Work Permits Australia is currently experiencing a serious shortage of Registered Nurses in all fields. British and Irish Nurses are in a perfect position to fill this shortage as their qualifications allow registration by Australian Nursing Boards without further exams. Australia has a relaxed lifestyle and Nurses are well paid. There is also a great diversity of climates from tropical to alpine meaning that your off duty time can be fun and exciting. The country has enormous potential and can afford a great lifestyle for all applicants from single professionals as well as those with families. Registering as a Nurse in Australia is key to gaining residency and the right to work there. Each State of Australia has its own Nursing Registration Board. As in the UK you cannot work as a qualified Nurse without first registering with one of the State Nursing Registration Boards. Using professional immigration specialists can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete the registration process. Registration in Australia is also recognised in New Zealand opening up further opportunities. Following successful registration Nurses have two choices. They can either apply for a work permit or residency. Work Permit Visa Work permits are more straightforward than residency visas, but provide more restrictive opportunities. A work permit restricts the Nurse to working for a single employer. To change employers the Nurse has to apply to the Department of Immigration. * A work permit will allow the Nurse to work in Australia for up to 4 years * After two years the employer can sponsor the Nurse for residency * It is possible to organise a work permit whilst still in the UK so that the Nurse has work when she arrives in Australia. A number of Nursing Agencies will accept UK Nurses without further experience after registration * At any stage the Nurse can apply to convert the work permit visa to a permanent residency visa (this usually requires the help of an immigration specialist) Residency Visa Nurses can get a residency visa without getting a work permit. This gives the flexibility and benefit of being able to change employers without having to inform the Department of Immigration. It is possible to apply for Nurses to use their qualifications to apply for a residency visa and then seek a job in a related or completely different field of work. * Residency visa applications can include the whole family * All resident members of the family are entitled to a Medicare card and welfare benefits if required * Residents are free to leave and return to Australia at any stage and keep hold of their UK passport Acquiring registration, work permit visas or residency visas can be time consuming, frustrating and ultimately expensive. Using a professional immigration service to smooth the way gives you one less thing to worry about. They can help you sort out the paperwork and red tape to ensure your application has the best chance of success. The AMC is currently able to offer a fixed fee service of 650 per application including all family members. Dinko Donjerkovich Australian Migration Consultancy (AMC) www.australianmigrationconsultancy.com.au Please email Dinko for more information on how the AMC can help you succeed enquiries@australianmigrationconsultancy.com.au The Australian Migration Consultancy has provided a successful Immigration Service for Nurses entering Australia for the last twelve years. All the nurses that have been successfully assisted with their Visa applications are still living and working in Australia.

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