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Nursing Care Plan about Smoking

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Despite the known dangers and deaths related to smoking as well as the multitude of anti-smoking campaigns around the world, smoking remains a difficult habit to break. In fact every year, millions of new smokers are born. The primary reason why it is hard to quit smoking is because of the addictive nature of the nicotine content in cigarettes. This chemical stimulates the release of dopamine which makes smokers feel good or relaxed. This chemical is also a stimulant that keeps people alert and awake that is why many night shift workers such as call center agents engage in smoking to fight off sleepiness.

A smoker can be considered an addict to smoking when one becomes dependent on nicotine such as when one is unable to quit despite serious attempts, there is continuous craving to smoke, one cant help to smoke in spite of one’s health condition such as lung disease or heart disease and one experiences withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, or even weight gain when trying to quit.

Nursing Care Plan Treatment for smoking is primarily aimed to stop the smoking habit permanently. This can be facilitated in different approaches. Quitting cold turkey refers to quitting smoking by relying on one’s will power alone, which is approximately 10 percent successful. Counseling involves the consultation with a psychotherapist who helps smoker understand their reasons for smoking and addressing problems related to this. A group therapy involves getting counseling and support from other smokers who have quit smoking.

Another approach is to use medications or alternative yet safe habits like replacing smoking with chewing gums, patches, and inhalers. Some use antidepressants such as Zyban which help increase dopamine without smoking. Finally, other therapeutic treatments involve hypnosis, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Quitting to smoke is very difficult hence, it would be better not to start smoking in the first place. Quitting smoking at a younger age would help a smoker reduce the health risks associated with smoking.

Other ways to prevent smoking is by imposing penalties and bans of selling tobacco products, imposing bans of selling tobaccos to people under 18 years old, increasing sin taxes to make tobacco products more expensive and inaccessible, providing educational programs and campaign against smoking by highlight its health risks, forbidding smoking in public areas, and limiting the advertising and promotion of tobacco products.

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