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How to be a Military Nurse

Posted on September 1, 2012 | 2 Comments on How to be a Military Nurse

Working as a nurse in the military can be more demanding than just being a regular nurse. For one, a military nurse could be assigned in fields where there could be combat action and one would be potentially dealing with wounds, caused by explosions or guns.

To be a military nurse, one apparently needs to be in active duty to the military, which on the other hand may entail some supplementary military training. This means one needs to apply in the Commission in the Nurse Corps of the Armed Forces. Qualifications are as follows: One should be a registered nurse, a Filipino citizen, and of good moral character. There are also other factors that are considered in applying such as the following:

  • minimum height is 5ft for women and 5’4 for men
  • age must be between 21-28 years of age
  • must be mentally and physically fit for military service
  • must be single and never been married of pregnant
  • must have 20-20 vision or a minimum of 150 grade of eyeglass
  • must have a pleasing personality

Among the documents that one needs to bring included the following:

  • Resume
  • 2×2 picture
  • College diploma
  • Transcript of Records
  • PRC license
  • Board rating
  • Postcard size whole body picture in white uniform
  • NSO birth certificate
  • ROTC Certificate (for males only); and
  • Appropriate clearances such as: NBI, PNP, CFI or RTC, Barangay and TJAG and others as may be prescribed

Application papers and documents needs to be submitted to the Office of the Chief Nurse at the Heneral Valdez Building (or Building of the Surgeon General) at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City for initial evaluation. Nurse applicants will then take a clinical examination as well as a Neuro-Psych test. Applicants with a board rating of above 80% are exempted from the clinical exam. A series of interviews will follow through. Those who qualify will finally undergo physical and dental examination. It is also worthwhile to note that registered nurses, who have completed the clinical nursing program conducted by the AFP Office of the Chief Nurse, are given priority in the application.

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  1. GeyL Reply

    thanks for the information you shared online ^_^ I hope someday I’ll be like one.

  2. chris08 Reply

    It’s my dream to become a military nurse, that’s why I worked hard as a student to get higher grades and did everything I can to pass the board exam and has a higher rating. By the grace of God, I ended up being the 2nd Honor in our batch (technically, but I was pushed down to 4th because even though my Gen. Ave. is higher than the 3rd and 4th, they got no grades below 85 and became cum laude, since I got 84 in a stupid minor subject they pushed me 2 places lower) and got a 84% rating in NLE.

    Now the problem is, I don’t know how to apply. And upon reading the requirements, I have doubts if they will consider me. First, I’m a bit overweight (does it mean that I’m not physically fit?). Second, I’m not good-looking (at least that’s what I thought when it indicates “with pleasing personality”). Lastly, I have no ROTC Diploma since when I was in high school, they abolished the program.

    So, the question is, did I just worked hard for my dreams but, at this point, can’t reach it because of my aforementioned shortcomings? I hope someone can answer me. Thanks!

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