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How Nurses Prevent Hypertension

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Hypertension is one of the most common diseases that afflict many Filipinos.  Statistical estimates show that more 11 million Filipinos suffer from hypertension.  Hypertension or high blood pressure or simply “high-blood” as it is typically referred by Pinoys, is a persistent health condition in which the systemic arterial blood pressure is eminent or high.  This means that the heart needs to work extra harder to be able to pump blood under normal conditions.  Thus, if certain events occur which would require the heart to pump more blood such as an adrenalin rush due to excitement or over fatigue, the heart is made to work even harder which can cause collapses and in worst cases, strokes and heart attacks the person.  Hypertension is therefore a deadly disease, which should not be taken lightly.

In preventing hypertension, nurses first and foremost approach prevention with proper education of patients.  In particular, nurses inform patients about the cardiovascular risk factors.  At this point, it is important for patients to identify risk factors that are controllable. Factors such as age and family history are beyond control while bad habits, weight are other things that can be controlled. There are simple steps in preventing hypertension which basically boils down to living a healthy lifestyle.

Among the first prevention strategy the nurses and health care experts would advise is to reduce weight by having a proper diet.  A healthy eating plan would essentially mean reducing carbon rich food particularly reducing rice as well as fatty foods like meat.  Instead, meals should be fiber rich which includes vegetables and fruits. It also means reducing salt and sodium, which basically increase our weight in three ways.  It increases the  appetite to eat more, it makes us always hungry and it retains more liquid to our bodies.  It goes without saying the people should avoid eating junk food.

Maintaining a healthy weight also entails an active lifestyle.  At its most fundamental sense, “being active” means engaging in a regular form of exercise.  However, physical activity can also be done by changing our sedentary habits like always watching television.  One can also opt to take a walk for short distance errands instead of taking the car or taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Another preventive measure especially for men is limiting alcohol intake. Drinking too much beer can cause obesity because it is carbon.  This is exactly why beer bellies are termed as such.  On the other hand, liquors like gin, whisky, brandy and rhum can raise blood pressure. Alcoholic drinks can also damage one’s liver, which is incidentally another leading disease among drinkers.

Finally, one very common step to prevent hypertension is to quit smoking. Cigarettes have harmful chemicals like tar and nicotine that increases blood pressure while straining the blood vessels.   It rots the longs causing many respiratory diseases which affect breathing and oxygen supply that forces the heart to work harder.


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