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High Levels of Liver Protein May Lead to Diabetes

Previous studies have already associated high levels of a liver protein called fetuin-A and insulin resistance. However, the link to the development of diabetes was still uncertain until Dr. Joachim H. Ix and colleagues from the University of California in San Diego conducted a study to investigate. The team compared initial fetuin-A levels in 135 older adults who developed diabetes after a six-year follow-up with those seen in 383 adults who did not develop diabetes. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers said that those with the highest level of the said protein were twice more likely to develop diabetes as opposed to those older individuals with the lowest levels. “Future studies,” the team concludes, “should evaluate whether the results may generalize to middle-aged individuals in whom the [diabetes] incidence rate is highest. If confirmed in future studies, fetuin-A may ultimately prove useful as a target for therapeutics, and its study may provide novel insights to glucose (sugar) metabolism in humans.”

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