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Getting job for new qualified nurses

Every year, there are thousands of newly qualified nurses that are produced in the Philippines who in turn join the million more Filipinos in the labor market looking for jobs.  In short, there is an obvious difficulty of getting a job even for qualified nurses in the Philippines.  Are there really no available jobs for nurses?  The truth is there is really a great demand for nurses both locally and internationally.  Unfortunately, the local health care industry just does not have the sufficient funds to accommodate additional nurses and address the shortage.  According to HealthWrights in 2004, there is 1 nurse for every 16,000 Filipinos.   The ideal nurse to patient ration is 1:1000.   Hence, there is a backlog of additional 15 nurses for every 16,000 Filipinos.     Since it’s about healthcare, a higher ratio would always be an improvement.   Hence, the number of Filipino nurses could have ideally helped improve the health care situation in the Philippines and could have sufficiently get employed by today.

With local employment difficult to find, the next logical option for nurses is to find employment abroad. Many research studies claim that there is a great demand of nurse professionals  abroad because of the aging population of certain countries and their corresponding decreasing supply of nurses.  This is actually true especially in the US and the UK.  However, it is still difficult to get a job in these countries especially with the rigorous requirements that they impose.  Chances are, one can opt to find employment in countries where it is easier to secure visas and work permits like the middle east and find your way to Canada, the US or the UK.  A great percentage of Filipino nurses can still find work abroad although not immediately in US, Canada or the UK.

If finding a local nursing job or an international nursing job is still problematic, another option is for the nurse to work in other fields, which is also a common case.  The call center industry is a non discriminatory industry that is willing to hire nursing graduates as long as one has adequate communication skills to do the job.  Some nurses also try to find a work in other health related industries like working as medical representatives which can also be a rewarding career if one is into sales.


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