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Cruise Ship Nurse Training

Posted on September 13, 2014 | No Comments on Cruise Ship Nurse Training

A Cruise Ship Nurse is ideal for nurses who love to travel. Working as a cruise ship nurse provides one the opportunity to travel while working. However, aspiring to be a cruise ship nurse would require more than just nursing degree or license. For one, a cruise ship nurse should at least have three years of postgraduate experience in emergency room, intensive care, operating room, critical care, and general healthcare.

Since, there is limited number of medical staff in the ship, a cruise ship nurse must also be capable of providing emergency medical care for both passengers and crew. As such, having an additional certificate such as ACLS or advanced cardiovascular life support would be an advantage. Moreover, having experience in X-ray and laboratory is also an asset. Finally, knowing to work independently and to be globally oriented to be able to work with people from different nationalities would also be a plus factor. All these additional certificates require different training and experience in different training providers.

Aside from healthcare training, a cruise ship nurse may also be requires to undergo a SOLAS Training (Safety Of Life At Sea) or BST with PSSR training (Basic Safety Training with Personal Safety and Social Responsibility). Anyone who will work in on a ship is required to take this training which often last for a week and costs anywhere between 8 to 10 thousand pesos. This training is available or offered by most Maritime Training Centers.

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