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Causes of Raspa

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Raspa in Medical terms means curettage and in medical procedures is the use of a curette or in French word scoop. To make it easier to understand, raspa is the procedure using the hallow curet, and will be presented to the uterus, by means of suctioning, without taking away the uterine contents and then the way eliminating the tissue by means of scrapping or scooping.

Raspa procedure or the cause of a raspa is done because the patient has an irregular or excessive bleeding. Irregular bleeding of a woman sometimes needs to undergo an overall check-up. It needs proper attention for the patients to consider. Excessive bleeding includes spotting or bleeding between periods or menstrual cycle. Flow of blood which is very excessive, heavy periods, or bleeding after the menopausal stage, are signs that a person has a problem on the uterus. The tissue can be examined under a microscope by a registered pathologist. The test will show what causes the bleeding of the patient.

Other thing that can be pinpoint if the patients will undergo an operation is because the patient has an irregular bleeding or an excessive blood flow because of the fibrous and polyps. These conditions in a woman’s world are very common. These happen for every 20% of all women. In medical terms, fibrous tumors are noncancerous growths that can be seen in and out of the uterus. They even develop out from the uterine wall on a stalk. They can cause chronic pain once feel it and an excessive bleeding happens. Polyps like fibrous roots are noncancerous growths and are very common that these may be the cause of bleeding. But, in some cases polyps and fibroids can have different symptoms that may lead to other serious problems.

Another reason why raspa is done is because of the Therapeutic D&C. When the source of the problem or the reasons of the excessive bleeding has been diagnosed, a therapeutic procedure can be done. One reason is an incomplete miscarriage. Miscarriage or even a full term delivery of a patient for any reason, the fetal or the placental tissue inside the uterus of the patient has not been totally or completely been removed. The tissue that has been left in the wall lining of the uterus is the reason why the bleeding occurs. This must be attended as soon as possible because if not it is a life-threatening situation for the patient.

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