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Career Options for Unemployed Filipino Nurses

Because of the sudden upsurge of Filipino nursing graduates including those who were unfortunate enough to pass the licensure exams for nurses, the Philippines has a great supply of nurses that are scampering for the meager vacancies for nurses in the country. Hence, despite the strong demand for nurses abroad, there is still an oversupply of nurses at home. Because of this, there are many nursing graduates as well as nurses who remain unemployed or underemployed in the country.

Although the need for nurses will always be relevant, it would be worthwhile for the unemployed nursing graduates to take alternative career options where one’s profession and knowledge is nursing will of much necessity. For those who are still serious in practicing their profession, one option is undergo further training program to become specialist nurses such as Ward Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Dialysis Nursing and Operating Room Nursing. Others can take up technical courses such as radtech, sonography in order to be more employable. Hospitals both here and abroad are in constant search for highly specialized type of nurses.

Another option is for unemployed Filipino nurses is to join the booming business process outsourcing industry particularly joining firms that entails health-related knowledge although not necessarily involved in clinical work. They can apply in medical-related information outsourcing providers that provide health care secretaries, medical billing, healthcare insurance, medical coding, medical representatives, butlers and assistants, clinical research associates and even medical transcriptionists. While these work does not necessary engage a nurses in conventional clinical work, they entail medical knowledge and nursing graduates have edge over other non health professionals in applying for these types of jobs. Anyway, the BPO industry offers competitive salaries as well as similarly promising lifetime careers for nursing graduates.

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