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4D Ultrasound vs 3D Ultrasound

Ultrasound is the common term used to refer to sonography, an imaging procedure which uses ultrasonic devices to detect and measure objects and distances using sound waves with frequency above the human hearing range. Since the frequency is above human frequency range, it was called ultrasound. While ultrasound is used a diagnostic procedure for looking at the internal organs or the human body, it is commonly used for seeing babies inside the mother’s womb. As such, it allows doctors and parents to see the development of the baby inside the womb including knowing the gender of the baby, its position, its size, and in estimating its birth among others.

The conventional ultrasound for looking babies is the 2D ultrasound which is characterized by its black and white image shown in the sonogram. A 3D ultrasound differs from the 2D ultrasound as the machine is able to capture still photos of the baby in color. A 2D ultrasound also captures still photos of the baby but in black and white. A 4D ultrasound on the other hand is an improvement of the 3D ultrasound because it can capture colored videos of the baby.

So the difference between a 3D and 4D ultrasound essentially is on the real time colored motion picture capturing of the baby inside the mother’s womb which can be saved in DVD for viewing pleasure of the parents and the child later on in life. A 3D ultrasound on provides colored but still images or photos of the baby. While the color element differs the 3D ultrasound from the 2D ultrasound, the video element is what essentially differs the 4D ultrasound from the 3D ultrasound.

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