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New NCLEX-RN Passing Standard

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The NCSBN Board of Directors voted to raise the passing standard for the NCLEX-RN Examination at its meeting on Dec. 10, 2009

Starting April 1, 2010, a new passing standard of -0.16 logits will be implemented to the NCLEX-RN examination. The new standard represents an increase of 0.05 logits from the current passing standard of -0.21 logits. Per NCSBN policy, NCLEX passing standards are reevaluated once every three years to accommodate possible changes in entry-level nursing practices.

In December 2009, NCSBN Board of Directors considered all available evidence, including results from a criterion-referenced standard-setting study, and determined that safe and effective entry-level RN practice requires a greater level of knowledge, skills and ability than it did three years ago. This resulted in the decision to increase the NCLEX-RN passing standard.

For the official press release and the 2010 NCLEX-RN Test Plan, please visit this link

The definition of a logit may be found on NCSBN’s Web site

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