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Better Career, Better Job, Better Lifestyle… Be a Registered Nurse in Australia.

Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON) in Australia RN Div– NBV

The purpose of this course is to provide an Initial Registration to Overseas Registered Nurses, who meet the requirements of the Nurses Board of Victoria’s (NBV) standards for registration Division1). On successful  completion of this course, the participants will be able to make application to the NBV to register as a Registered Nurse (Division 1).

The program is delivered in a period of 12 weeks which comprises of theory component and clinical placement. The program adapts sessions to suit the needs of the learners. This has particular reference when adapting case scenarios in relation to cultural diversity, utilizing the experiential learning of the group and making the learning context relevant to the mix of  registered and enrolled nurses to highlight the difference in scope of practice and decision making.

The theory component consists of 4 weeks of study. This includes lectures, discussions, workshops and self-directed materials. Simulated workshops form part of the theory component, which allows
the nurse to practice a variety of common nursing interventions in a safe and non-threatening environment. These include administration of medications, urinary catheterization, basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and administration of intravenous therapy. Successful completion of the skills assessment enables the nurse to be placed  with a preceptor in the hospital setting.

Clinical placement (Sydney)
• All clinical placements for each candidate will be organized by the University.
• It is at the universities discussion as to where the candidates are placed and in what shifts. NCDA has no authority to pre determine the clinical placement venue.
• The University organizes the accommodation for the clinical placement to the candidates in the close vicinity of the venue (if eligible for ODA&T Services). NCDA cannot ascertain the exact address of the accommodation until the University confirms the placement venue.

Job Placement
NCDA will assist in organizing essential information, employer’s database, and campus interviews.
Neither NCDA nor the University can guarantee a job placement, it depends on the candidates performance in the prog. & Interview.  Any job offer will eventuate between the employer and the candidates will be based on the performance of individual candidates’ during the interview.

On Demand Accommodation & Travel Services (Optional)
Duration: As mentioned in the Offer Letter
Airport Pickup in Australia
• At the port of entry (Melbourne) pickup organized by Nursing
Career Development Australia to the designated accommodation.
• Arrangement for transport to Melbourne Airport.
• Airport pickup from Sydney Airport to organized accommodation in
Sydney for clinical placement.
Domestic Air ticket in Australia
• Nursing Career Development Australia will organize air ticket for
the candidates to travel to Sydney for clinical placements in economy
• Candidates will be responsible for any additional expenses beyond
the flight ticket and its baggage limitation.
Local Travel Assistance
• Local Transportation from designated accommodation to Institution
or Clinical placement venue using public transport.
• Public transport Timetable & route map
• Local Travel Induction
Assistance in Opening Bank Account & TFN
Accommodation (Melbourne & Sydney) – Duration as mentioned in the
offer Letter
Rental Bond
Monthly Rent
Fully Furnished Accommodation
24 hours Wireless Internet Connective
Telephone Connection
Electricity, Water & Gas
Fridge & Microwave
Equipped Kitchen

Apply Now: Limited Seats

* Applicants are reminded that the clinical placements for the IRON | RPRN | PPOQN* course offered at Melbourne Campus are undertaken at Melbourne and Sydney locations.

Criteria / Eligibility :
All candidates must provide a letter from the NBV confirming eligibility to undertake the Initial Registration Course. If you don\’t have the Nursing Board of Victoria decision letter Ask
us how to get it?
Evidence of Police Check.
Evidence of a pass in IELTS with an overall minimum score of 7.0 with a minimum of 7.0 in each module or ‘OET’ nursing version level of ‘B’ or above.
Successful in a selection telephone interview.
Appropriate reference checks.
Evidence of current nursing practice.
Appropriate visa issued by the Department of Immigration.
Simple Process | How to Apply :
Please complete the application and attach all documents requested in
the Application and send by;
Post or scan and send the copy to mail@ncdagroup.com

Nursing Career Development Australia
PO BOX 516, Altona, MELBOURNE VIC 3018

Australia : +61 (03) 9315 9725
+61 (0) 4303 909 46

Skype ID: internationalnurses (Install Skype)
E-mail : mail@ncdagroup.com
Website: www.ncdagroup.com

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