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What You Need to Know About CGFNS Exam

There are people who are saying that it is impractical to get a nursing course these days because there are so many nursing graduates who can’t get a job in our native land and in other countries as well. In spite of all these, students still consider taking this course in the hope that this can be their ticket to go to the US and other countries that are in need of nurses and medical staffs.

If you want to pursue your nursing career in the US, you need to take a CGFNS exam and pass it to be able to get a certification which is a basic requirement for overseas nurses so as to get your occupational visa. CGFNS stands for Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. A CGFNS exam together with NCLEX exam should be taken to acquire the permits needed to work abroad.

You need a few requirements before you can take the exam. Listed below are the things that you will need in order to get an exam schedule.

  • You need to be a registered nurse in order to qualify for the exam.
  • It is important that you have your secondary school documentation like your high school diploma. You have to see to it that it is notarized for them to honor this specific document.
  • Your academic records form and academic documents from the school where you studied your nursing course should be present. Documents like transcript of records with a CGFNS purpose indicated in the document as well as your college diploma with seal.
  • A clear copy of your board rating and certificate which should be notarized too.
  • You should enclose the form regarding request for validation of registration and your PRC (professional regulations commission) license.
  • A passport size photograph with your signature is a basic requirement.
  • Your passport and visa is needed before you can take the exam.

You can either register online or through mail as soon as you have the requirements. CGFNS exams are conducted 4x a year. It is usually during the months of March, July, September and November. They conduct a 5 day test in each month and you can take any date within the 5 day window. The questions are divided into four categories namely:

  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Safe Effective Care Environment
  • Psychological Integrity
  • Physiological Integrity

You need to pass in these categories together with the English proficiency exam because this is the client’s way of knowing how competent you are and how much you have learned from your nursing course. If you fail in both exams you need to retake it. You if you fail in one aspect, you can retake the exam provided that you do it within the validity period so you won’t end up taking both exams again.

If you area nurse and you have any plans of migrating abroad and pursue your career there, then you should gather all the requirements and start reviewing for you to pass the exams without having to retake it. Good luck and happy testing!

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