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What is Transvaginal Ultrasound?

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Also known as Endovaginal ultrasound, Transvaginal Ultrasound is a type of diagnostic procedure that uses ultrasonography or the use of high-frequency ultra sound waves transmitted through body tissues whose echoes are converted into video or photographic images for the diagnosis of diseases, conditions and the insides of the body. A transvaginal ultrasound in particular is a type of ultrasound test for evaluating and examining pelvic growths, source of cramps or other pain in the pelvic area (pelvic inflammatory disease), the cause of excessive vaginal bleeding or abnormal menstruation, cysts, tumors, infertility (Twisting of the ovaries), and even Ectopic pregnancy, among others.

The procedure for transvaginal ultrasound included the insertion of a tubular probe called a transducer covered by a lubricated condom into the vaginal canal. The transducer is rotated to have a comprehensive contact of the canal and catch images of female reproductive organs including uterus, ovaries and cervix, which is seen on a TV monitor. Thus, the Transvaginal ultrasound is performed by asking the female patient to lie down on a table with knees bent and legs placed on stirrups. In some cases, a special transvaginal ultrasound method called saline infusion sonography (SIS) or Saline Ultrasound Uterine Scan may be performed in which a small volume of saline (salt solution) is inserted into the uterus for better graphical representation. This is especially used for evaluating post menopausal endometrium or to better see scars in the uterine cavity called Asherman’s Syndrome.

Female patients who will undergo transvaginal ultrasound will be asked to take a pee to empty the bladder. While the test is essentially painless, the pressure of the transducer can cause mild discomfort. However, this test is generally considered safe compared to traditional x-rays which involve risk to radiation exposure.

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