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What is Porcelain Titer?

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Porcelain Titer is a medical slang or term used by doctors, nurse and medical practitioners usually in the Emergency department to subtly refer to a patient who is a hypochondriac. Although hypochondriasis or health phobia) is a serious psychological disorder marked by excessive worry about having a serious disease or illness, a porcelain titer is not exactly psychologically unstable. Instead, he or she is a patient who tend to complain of many pains or feelings like numbness (perhaps imagined ones), which is not manifested in any deviations or problems in their body parts or organ systems, which makes it difficult for physicians to explain the symptoms, diagnose or evaluate the cause and essentially treat the patient.

In another sense the “porcelain titer” referred to by doctors pertains to an explanation that confuses than clarifies the diagnosis of a patient to shut the patient who kept on complaining of things that seemed untrue because they are not made manifest in any problem. By giving a porcelain titter, the patient seemed given conceptual clarity but is actually being talked out into avoiding thinking about one’s condition or illness, which by medical standards of diagnostic tests doesn’t seem to exist.

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