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What is Norbest Syndrome?

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Norbest Syndrome is a slang medical term used by doctors to refer to a patient who do not exactly have any sickness or health problem whatsoever but simply needs some attention from people. There is really no such thing as a Norbest Syndrome. Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel simply use the term to discretely describe a patient who is stupid or is looking for attention that’s why he or she gets into some stupid harmful activity or accident. These patients are usually sent in the emergency department

For instance, a drunk woman who almost starts to choke to death because she is not used to drinking was taken to emergency. She tried to get herself drunk to death after breaking up with her boyfriend. When ask why she drunk too much liquor, some nurses will joking explain, she got norbest syndrome. What she needed really is love and attention. In another case, an old man trying to fake a heart ailment to get the attention of his children for them to see him is another case of a patient with norbest syndrome. After finding out that the patient is totally healthy and was simply feigning a breathing problem or cardiac arrest, doctors or nurses would describe him as having a norbest syndrome. He simply wanted attention from his relatives.

Note that the norbest syndrome is a true medical term that is formally learned in school. It was simply coined by health professionals for teasing or repartee.

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