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Taking care of HIV patients

Posted on December 2, 2014 | No Comments on Taking care of HIV patients

At the moment, medical science has not yet found a categorical cure against AIDS.  While isolated, rare and miraculous stories of healing had occurred, taking care of HIV patients remain as the best way for HIV patients to live normal and healthy lives.  HIV per se is not deadly.  However, having HIV makes the body more vulnerable and weaker against diseases. Even simple diseases like flu can become fatal to HIV patients because of their weak immune system to fight off diseases.  Thus, the best way to combat HIV is to live a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid any sickness. Obviously however, this is not a easy task because of the stereotypes against HIV patients, that can cause stress depression and further weaken a patient.   Here under are some tips in taking care HIV patients.

Take it easy.  While having an HIV does not necessarily mean changing your lifestyle, HIV patients should take extra care of themselves because their bodies are weaker or more vulnerable to disease. This means they should be less aggressive than what they use to do.  They should limit their inclination to stay up late but instead ensure that they get to sleep at least eight hours a day.  If they use to engage aggressively in different physical activities, they should minimize them to lessen their vulnerability to injuries.

Maintain positive attitude.  This is one of the most difficult things to do for a person suffering a deadly disease like HIV. To help HIV patients maintain a positive attitude, engage them in activities that will liberate them from worry or stress.  Let the patient do things that he/ she enjoy doing i.e. listening to music, playing music, reading books, watching television, etc.

Promote healthy lifestyle.  The key to being healthy is a living a healthy lifestyle which essentially involves eating a balance diet, getting sufficient rest, getting exercise, having a social life, etc.  In the same token promoting a healthy lifestyle means avoiding vices and habits that are detrimental to health including smoking, alcoholic drinking, or even drugs.

Socialize.  People with HIV and similar patients tend to become depress and voluntarily isolate themselves.  As a healthcare worker, try to spend more time with the patient with HIV.  Build social circles with which they can interact with people like those with HIV themselves.  It must be clear to patients with HIV that having HIV does not mean that you are going to die soon, that life is hopeless and meaningless.  One just becomes more easily prone to sickness because of a weaker immune system. In the meantime, life goes on for everybody including people with HIV.

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