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So You Want To Be a Nurse When You Grow Up?

Every child’s dream when they were still young was to help the person who‘s in needs.  Ask them the question what is their ambition in life, without hesitations they will answers back “I want to be a nurse when I grow up”.  This scenario inculcates in their minds and upon finishing their high school education the course they will take up is nursing.  Being a nurse by profession is hard, because all the responsibilities of the patients’ conditions as well as safety measures being the nurse of the sick persons lies all Of course to  the attending Physicians second on the nurse.   The Doctor is not 24/7 monitoring the patient’s conditions; it is the nurse who is giving full attention to the patients in the hospitals, sometimes in any cases as a private nurse.

Being a nurse takes several practices and hard work, one has to pass the Board examination given by the Professional Regulations Commission or the PRC.  Once passed the Board exam, not by chance gives an automatic job for the board passers.  If lucky enough got the highest ranking automatic job will offer to the lucky individuals.

Being a nurse as a profession is not an easy task, what nurses do in their daily jobs, what are the circumstances that will come in their way, and many other questions comes on their mind.  The characteristic of being a nurse is very important.  They must possess all the necessary characteristics of being a professional nurse.  The three essential skills sets they must have is that, the academic and learning skills, in this scenario all the written and facts and theories  of studies they learned in their respective  schools must practice and come out to their respective duties as a nurse, second is that clinical practice skills, this is very important in their learning experiences because this all happens in the real world and the best way to  treat this is on the hospital or clinical experiences or the on the job training of the nurse.  This is the best way the soon to be a nurse practice their nursing responsibilities, and the third one is the Professional Skills, being a registered nurse and a professional in chosen career is the satisfaction level of one’s dreaming as a nurse, it is because the evidence of the hard work and difficult task the nursing individuals achieve in his/her field of study.  Professional Skills are the expert and the trust worthiness of the nurse relies mainly in their patients for their continuous support to their sick and incapable patients they handle.

Being a nurse is very fulfilling job and a challenging work.  So you want to be a nurse still when you grow up? The Answer is yes for the person who loves the challenges and continuous learning.

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