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PGH Nursing Proficiency Exam

Posted on December 10, 2012 | 1 Comment on PGH Nursing Proficiency Exam

The Philippine General Hospital or PGH is on the most prestigious and historical medical institutions in the Philippines to which the evolution of modern medicine in the country is closely associated. With over a century of existence, this hospital has become of the most sought after employers for medical practitioners, healthcare workers and nurses for the substantial experience and knowledge that the institution can provide to its employees that can definitely help in boosting their careers.

However, because of the limited employment opportunities or vacancies in the PGH as well as the numerous applicants who want to work in PGH, the hospital was afforded to institute more stringent ways to better screen and evaluate applicants. For nurse applicants, a PRC license and experience would not be sufficient in landing a job in the hospital. One needs to pass the PGH nursing proficiency exam, a test which is used by the hospital to test if the applicant has indeed reached the standards set by the hospital. The exam is also facilitated to screen applicants for all nursing departments such as the Department of Nursing Research and Development.

The PGH nursing proficiency exam constitutes a large component for the successful employment of an applicant to PGH. It comprises 30% of the total criteria for being selected. Moreover, taking the PGH nursing proficiency exam is also considered a privilege because not all are admitted or accepted to take the exam. One qualification to apply for the exam is that the nurse should come from a nursing school with outstanding performance, particularly those that belong to the Top 12 nursing schools as evaluated and reported by the Commission on Higher Education technical committee.

Among the standard documents that one needs to submit in applying for the PGH nursing proficiency exam included a photocopy of one’s PRC license. It goes without saying that an applicant must be a registered nurse. One also needs to prepare one 2″x2″ ID picture, which will be pasted in the application form. The exam fee is around P200.00 subject to changes of course in time. After payment of the corresponding fee, the applicant will then be scheduled for the exam. The exam is rigid and only a handful of applicants are usually taking the exam. Passing the proficiency exam is just a step in the selection process, a successful examinee still needs to undergo a series of interviews. Nevertheless, passing the PGH proficiency exam is great credential enough that you can put in your resumes.

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