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Nurse anesthetist in Philippines

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Nurse Anesthetist in the Philippines is basically a registered nurse performing a very vital role administering the necessary anesthetics for the patient who will undergo a surgery.  It is a very important role for the nurse to perform this kind of task in terms of the operation or surgery procedure.  The nurse is responsible for the monitoring the patients  vital signs all the way during the entire operation, sees to it the patient is calm before inserting the necessary IV lines and oxygen to the patients.  This kind of job entails a lot of patience to the registered nurse.  Because of its delicate job other than just being a regular nurse in a hospital.  Nurses have an alternative decision to make if he/she wanted to become a nurse anesthetist or just a regular nurse.  Being a nurse anesthetist in the Philippines is a rewarding job. It pays also a good amount in terms of salary.  They enjoy a huge degree of sovereignty from other physicians when it comes to assessment and evaluation.  Their duties extend only to the operating room setting, they are not just ordinary nurses but they are treated equally and not just subordinates.  As a nurse anesthetist in the Philippines, the principal role of nurse anesthetist is to administer any of the anesthetics agents indicated for pain relief or the preparation of the surgical procedures.  The nurse decides on what type of drugs best to give to a patient.  Before the patients undergo the procedures requiring anesthesia, the immediate family of the patients are there and met by the CRNA to get relevant information of the medical history of the patients, in doing this they tract the medical records of the patients on how he/she will react on the drugs that might give to the patients.  The family may ask questions and suggestion to the nurse anesthetist on what is best for their love ones.  After all the questions, answers suggestions took place and come out with a good decisions and the operation process will proceed.  The anesthetist nurse will then monitor the patient’s conditions every now and then to ensure the patients successful responds to the operating process and up to the patients’ stable conditions.

Being a nurse anesthetist in the Philippines needs a careful and meticulous training.  Although different country differs from one another in terms of nurse anesthetist, in the Philippines it requires a Bachelor of Science in nursing BSN and must be a Registered Nurse RN.  Must take all the necessary trainings, take a post graduate course and field studies on different hospitals or clinic, and must have a minimum of 1 year experience as a nurse in a clinical setting or in a hospital.  These and other basic requirements are a must to become a successful nurse anesthetist in the Philippines.  After all the hardships in training and practicing all the required task, then that is the time a registered nurse considered as a professional nurse anesthetist.

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