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Laparoscopic Nurse

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Laparoscopic comes from two Greek words. Lapara means “soft parts of the body between the rib margins and the hips”.  Skopein means “to see or view or examine”.  Laparoscopy is a kind of surgical procedure which a small incision is made, usually in the navel, through which a viewing tube is inserted.  It has a small camera on the eyepiece which allows the Doctor to examine the abdominal and the pelvic organs on a video monitor which connected to the tube.

A Laparoscopic Nurse Practitioner is a nurse that specifically handles patients that undergo Laparoscopic surgery acting as the principal assistant during the surgery per se under the management and direction of the Laparoscopic surgeon and specializes in the comprehensive care of these types of patients.

A Laparoscopic Nurse also have administrative functions from admission, evaluation, initial operative care and the control of pain of patients undergoing Laparoscopic surgery.  Admission pertains to the acquisition of background information of the patients. Evaluation refers to the assessment of patients to check their suitability and capability to undergo surgery per the established protocols of the hospital. This is important to reduce the need for the patient to stay and wait for one’s turn for the surgery.  Consequently, the nurse should proactively instigate and coordinate the release planning of a patient before admission. With these functions, the nurse should establish and maintain constant open communications and relationships with all ward staff and specialized teams created to conduct surgery for specific patients.  He/ she should also coordinate and arrange the nursing care plan with patients and effectively relay the said plan as well as the policies to the concerned families. Because the nurse must always maintain contact with patients and families, he/ she must maintain accessible service during the duration of the patient’s stay for the patient care, education, pain and wound control and provision of immediate response to any complaint from the patient and his family.  As part of continuing healthcare service, the nurse is also tasked to conduct follow up on patient’s condition as needed or instructed by the surgeon.  Meanwhile, quality care monitoring should be conducted by preparation and provision of regular reports which should be constantly collaborated with medical and nursing teams.

Specialization to become a Laparoscopic Nurse entails education and training on the specialized field.  For one, the nurse also serves as a source of knowledge, information, education and advice to patients who undergo the Laparoscopic surgery as well as the multidisciplinary team, who will conduct the same. As an expert on Laparoscopy, the nurse also serves as a researcher who should initiate the exploration of a nurse’s role in the operation and must actively engage in the dissemination of any discoveries or research information to concerned public.

In doing all these tasks, the Laparoscopic nurse is expected to maintain a high level of confidentiality about patient, medical staff and other health services provided by the healthcare institute for the protection of the patient, the medical practitioners as well as the business. Meanwhile, as a nurse professional, the laparoscopic nurse must develop and maintain a professional development plan in concurrence with nurse director for one’s career development as well as personal growth. 

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