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IELTS Fee in the Philippines

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The International English Language Test System (IELTS) is the standard entrance prerequisite test by British, New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian Universities to qualify for employment or for abroad training.  As the most familiar English language proficiency testing in the world, the US government is also gradually starting to accept the valid scores in this assessment test as its standard.  The test is essentially intended to evaluate the speaking and language aptitude of a candidate who will work or study in the said countries where the English language is the lingua franca.

There are a multitude of training providers for IELTS in the Philippines. While most providers are institutions, some also provide private tutorial lessons. The commonwealth Institute (TCI) is one such institution that provides IELTS preparation.  It is a private English language test preparation and teaching institution located in Makati City.  It offers English language courses and meticulous knowledge in different levels.

Among the courses they offer includes intermediate and advanced business writing, advanced English grammar, phonetics, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, speaking and critical thinking.  Most training providers initially conduct an assessment to determine the English proficiency level of a candidate in order to properly align which course level is appropriate for them.

For instance, the academic or general training reading or writing modules are two different levels and are taught to different needs of students.  Academic training is for candidate who is prepared for studying and learning in the medium of English at an Undergraduate or Postgraduate level.  The General training on the other hand essentially involves the development of vital skills in extensive social and educational context.  In both instances, it is important for candidates to at least finish secondary education, to have working familiarity on how program are taught.

Aside from the formal lessons provided by training institutions, they also provide tests that simulate the real IELTS to measure the potential applicant’s language skills in reading, writing, and speaking.  Similarly, candidates must also take listening and speaking modules or a choice between the two. Because the crash course training is intensive, candidate are expected to finish the first three modules specifically listening, reading and writing in a day. The rest of the modules may be taken at the discretion of the training provider, which will be presented in a day or two, depending on the ability of a student to absorb.  In other training school, some candidates are required to take added pretest sections up to thirty minutes.

The cost for IELTS training in the Philippines varies.  IELTS tutorial lessons provided by private individuals usually expats who are native English speakers ranges between P2000 to P3000. IELTS training institutions on the other hand usually offer a much higher rate of P3500 to P5000.   For training institutions, the cost is often inclusive of all books, materials and test drills, open class discussions and live sessions with American, British and Canadian instructors.  On the other hand, the training usually consists of four regular classes in a week.  In some professional review institutions for licensure exams for professional practice or employment abroad e.g. CGFNS moreover, the IELTS program is incorporated in the review curriculum of the school.  In which case, tuition fee for the IELTS program is included in the total cost of the review.

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