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How to Get Job for Nurses in Dubai

Posted on September 23, 2011 | No Comments on How to Get Job for Nurses in Dubai

The Philippines produces many graduates of the nursing profession annually. It not only produces graduates but registered nurses with licenses and hands on experience, which forms part of their education. Despite being a registered nurse or RN, however, job opportunities for nurses are scarce.  Even worse, some new nurses are abused by some institutions by accommodating them as volunteer nurses with no compensation or even a mere allowance for transportation.   Because of the lack of career opportunities in the country or jobs that offer a decent pay, the first thing that pops in the mind of many Filipino nurses is to find a job abroad that fairly compensates their skills after graduation.  This is also precisely why most nurses don’t think twice once the opportunity knocks on their door.

There are many local agencies that offer jobs abroad especially in Middle East like Dubai. One of the best resources for finding nursing jobs in Dubai is the Internet.  Apart from the Department of Labor, there are numerous websites that provide a list of nursing job opportunities in Dubai like Jobstreet.com, Jobsdb.com, Workabroad.com.ph and the Dubai Job Secrets guide, among others. Once you find a list of available job that fits you, you can now apply for that said position. Of course, you have to secure basic documents the agency may require such as passports, NBI clearance, PRC license, health clearance from a duly authorized clinic and your resume. Finally, the working visa is secured once the employer hires you.  Most recruitment agencies offers comprehensive assistance to their employees including securing work permits, certifications and sometimes even accommodation.  Some hospital employers also provide all these assistance as one complete package to ensure the applicant readily accepts the offer.

Dubai is now the region’s number one leader in medical and healthcare services. It emerged only a few years ago and now opens a lot of its doors for those who are willing to join the caravan.  There is also growing medical research concerning Dubai that envisions it as a haven of employment.  Now, Dubai is one of the most chosen career destinations for eligible and registered Nurses.  It offers attractive living environment like free accommodations like a hotel with free Wi-Fi connection. More importantly, it gives good compensation which is tax free though living condition in the country is very expensive. Other benefits included generous leaves with pay that is equivalent to one month salary, tickets to and from the country of recruitment and medical insurance. Some employers even provide educational benefits to employees who are married with kids.   Most Dubai hospitals also offer job with flexible schedules.

There are many advantages working as a nurse in Dubai.  And for those who wanted to experience an overseas job while at the same time advance one’s knowledge by being able to handle modern medical facilities and equipment, Dubai is indeed the place to be. Hence, once an employer offers you this kind of job to earn dollars, why not grab this once in a lifetime opportunity.


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