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How to Become Geriatric Nurse?

Geriatric Nurse are nurses who works with an elderly people that gives medication and special care for different medical situations or condition who specializes in working with mature population. Becoming a geriatric nurse entails a lot work and attention on the job description. They treat and preserve the physical condition, mental health and functional health of the old ones. The Geriatric nurse can work in a hospitals, senior centers, community health centers, patients home or in the long term home services.

To become a geriatric nurse, one has to pass the nursing examinations, must complete an accredited nursing curriculum, and become full pledge registered nurse who specializes mainly in functioning with the elderly populace. The usual duties of a geriatric nurse aside from treating the patients is that they also includes the paperwork’s such as recording medical conditions of the patients, to know the background of the patients medical health history, administering medications means giving the right prescriptions the Doctors recommended.

Assisting with rehabilitation, once the patients enter the rehabilitation center, the geriatric nurse helps the patients in doing all the necessary requirements the patients needed in order for them to fully understand the program in the rehabilitation center. Another thing is educating the patients and their whole family about the patients current conditions, this means giving information and updates on the situations of the patients daily monitoring and others, lastly performing the diagnostic test of the patients, in doing this the geriatric nurse analyses the patients examination on different test the hospitals program center needed.

In choosing a nursing program, and become full pledge geriatric nurse this step by step procedure may help the geriatric nurse achieve his/her full potential to become one.

Choosing a nursing program, the applicant in geriatric nurse must think about the career goals in choosing a certain program. Finding a program that suits the requirements the geriatric nurse needed. This must give emphasis on different introduction to geriatric nurse that includes the introduction in different topics, such as the anatomy or the framework of the course, nutrition on about what to feed on the patients conditions or the diet the patients has to eat, medical terminology this means that familiarizing on diverse medical terms and actions, chemistry and psychology.

The second step is passing the National Licensing Exam, to become full pledge geriatric nurse passing the national examination is a must. This kind of test shows that the future geriatric nurse has the knowledge and expertise in theories and in actions and the main important thing is in applying the education the geriatric nurse studies.

Third is getting experience as a geriatric nurse, in order for the nurse to fully understand the course he/she taken, one has to understand the full responsibilities the nurse has to undergo. Must gain knowledge in everything the patients needed, because different sickness for the elderly ones has different approach to consider.

Last is the Certification, completing and/or passing the board examinations as a nurse has an evidence to provide for the hospitals or home program to use.

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