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How to be a Nurse in Italy

Posted on October 14, 2011 | 3 Comments on How to be a Nurse in Italy

Being a nurse has a lot of responsibilities. Taking good care for the patients needs a hundred percent focus and attention. The Filipino’s are known for being patience and hardworking when it comes to their responsibilities. Being a nurse as a profession entails a lot of experiences and seminars to attend to in order to become a successful and full pledge registered nurse, and to land a nursing career outside the country.

Italy is the best place to go when planning to work outside the country, it is the place where a registered nurse aiming to work not only because of the salary but because of the high end equipment and promising place. Being a nurse in Italy takes a lot of paperwork’s and effort in applying, others are lucky because they are being recruited to work in an Italian Hospitals, sometimes if a nurse has a relative in Italy easy for them to find a job as because they are being requested by the employer to work for them.

Sicily in Northern Italy particularly is the place where most of nurses are being recruited, because most of the people there are in their prime of their life and needs to be attended by a private nurse. Others who are looking for job in Italy must check the travelling employment agency that has European assignments, the Italian consulate or an international nurse recruitment agency. They can also apply online to register in the database, and the good thing is the processing is free of charge for the candidates to apply online. And the representative of that company will contact the person as soon as possible to offer all necessary details and consulting. Aside from the other ways on how to apply, there is a Nurses Italy Program of the Italian Government that offers the pleasure those who have the nurse’s qualifications, the chance to work on a contract basis in the Italian health system.
The applicants also need to submit all necessary papers which includes the criminal record, medical certificate, references, certificates, and diplomas. And the important is the curriculum vitae if possible not required needs to be written in Italian.

The Italian government especially the Hospital Institution has their conditions and programs to follow by an applicant. In a working program the participant must prove the nurses qualifications. Must bring the nurses certificates being issued by the Ministry of Health from their native country, knowledge and experiences of Italian cultures and ways is a plus but not necessarily compulsory.

There are free course of Italian language with importance on specific medical terms for the applicant that do not know the basic level of Italian language. The salary of a nurse in Italy is very much compensated, they received 1800 euro per month for thirty-six hours a week. There’s also a bonus for a job well done plus the overtime. It’s good thing to work outside the country especially if you’re a nurse in Italy the time and distance away to the families is worth satisfying once you get home to your native country.

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    i m staff nurse have 9yr experience in recovery,now i m working in oman , my cont no.0096896928713

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    I am presently working as a ccu staff nurse here in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    BSN graduate year 1988.

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    I have completed my graduation in nursing(bsc.nursing).now i am doing a job in p.g.i.m.e.r hospital Chandigarh.i want to do work in Italy in nursing felid.plzz suggests me .how to apply for job in italy

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