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How to Be a Cruise Nurse

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Working on a cruise ship is a big deal especially to people who loves to travel as it allows you to travel the world for free. Working as a nurse in a cruise ship is one such opportunity that allows you to work and cruise at the same time. However, becoming one of the many aspiring nurses on the ship takes more than just a nursing degree or license.

The qualifications of a cruise nurse are as follows: He/ she must be a registered nurse (RN) who graduated from an accredited medical school. He/ She must gain at least four years of work experience in a hospital emergency room or at intensive care units particularly for trauma, and cardiac care. Some other ship lines require 10 years of work experience. He/ she must have a valid nursing registration in the country of the employer.  Finally, the basic requirements when applying includes updated curriculum vitae, a picture and an application cover letter.

Some cruise lines required the aspiring applicant to be fluent in English which is the international language. Many travelers aboard the ships come from different country around the globe. Knowing some basic language of Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese would definitely be an advantage. It would also be a requirement to have a social science background to increase the cross cultural understanding and skills.  Not every company has the same requirements, that’s why it is best to go to their website, research the company background and contact information so that an applicant can ask for additional information or any clarification.

In the medical section of the ship, the usual number of personnel consists of one doctor, one dentist and two to three nurses. Considering the low number of employment opportunities, the competition to be a cruise ship is very stiff. In most cases, nurses on the ship similarly enjoy all the benefits received by other crew members in the ship. However, benefits ultimately depend on the company you work for, the position you are into, the size of the ship and the clientele you are serving.

Other companies offer huge benefits that include life, disability, and medical dental insurances. Others also give profit sharing and travel benefits for the whole family.  Thus, one’s salary remains intact as all your normal expenses like food and accommodations are free. Sometimes even the drinks and foods at the cruise’s bar are free of charge.  However, it is important that a nurse earnestly saves his or her earnings while on work because apparently, you will not be working on a ship for the rest of your life.  Finally, there are also drawbacks of becoming a cruise nurse.  For instance, the free accommodation may not be spacious enough or needs to be shared with a fellow employee. Sharing ones room with others reduces one’s privacy. However, such disadvantage is very trifling and simple and can definitely be offset by the many benefits that a cruise ship nurse can receive.


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