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How Nurses Save Patient Lives

Posted on November 23, 2014 | No Comments on How Nurses Save Patient Lives

I believe the public knows that nurses are kind, caring, and compassionate and that they provide patients with more information than doctors do. People don’t know, however, that nurses have medical knowledge, participate in medical cures, and have technological know-how. I believe nurses can advance knowledge of their profession if they amplify their caring stories and include anecdotes that help us understand that doctors don’t do all the curing.

The public needs to know that nurses — regular, ordinary bedside nurses, not just nurse practitioners or advanced practice nurses — are constantly participating in the act of medical diagnosis, prescription, and treatment and thus make a real difference in medical outcomes. Nurses can help the public understand that nursing is a package of medical, technical, caring, nursing know-how — that nurses save lives, prevent suffering, and save money. If nurses wear not only their hearts, but also their brains on their sleeves, perhaps the public, like those students at Harvard, will finally understand what nurses know and do.

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