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How Happy and Healthy are NURSES?

According to a 2008 survey of Nursing Times, the leading UK weekly magazine for nurses, over 70% of nurses are happy however, around 60% of nurses have insufficient exercise. The report by Helen Mooney revealed that nurses find happiness in their jobs although have complained about work-related stress. The survey used 1300 respondents mainly coming from the UK. Will the same
findings be true in the Philippines?

First of, unless a similar survey be conducted, we can never really know how happy or healthy Filipino nurses are. Secondly, it is quite difficult to conduct a survey among Filipino nurses because they are so dispersed all around the world and may have different  circumstantial issues, which can influence answers to the issue. Thirdly, if the survey is conducted to focus on local nurses working
within the Philippine territories, then a radically different result could be generated.

Theoretically though, it can be deduced that Filipino nurses in the Philippines cannot be directly compared to UK nurses. First of, most of the UK nurses who were interviewed were happy about their jobs as a nurse. In the Philippines, many newly qualified nurses do not have jobs. Those who find job locally are either overworked, underpaid or sent to a rural area where their lives are
endangered. In some instances, they are underemployed as they do not work as a nurse. On the other hand, the greater majority of Filipino nurses who found work are most probably be working abroad. In which case, they have to leave their families behind and live in a strange land to receive the compensation they deserve.

But are they happy? Filipinos fortunately are considered as one of the happiest peoples in the world despite their meager economic conditions. They have the penchant to laugh about their worries and focus on the brighter side of things. Hence, despite all problems, more Filipino nurses could be happier. As some experts believed, happiness is often rooted on the stronger social ties with friends and families, which many Filipinos have. Moreover, the self fulfillment that one can get in the practice of one’s profession, in touching the lives of people and helping them in their most vulnerable moments are sources of happiness for nurses.

As to the health of nurses, this included different factors such as food/ diet, exercise, rest, and lifestyle. Instinctively, more nurses would be healthy because of the familiarity or knowledge about living a healthy life. However, it is also possible that a greater majority of Filipino nurses have insufficient exercise considering the rigor of their job and the shifting nature of their work schedules.

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