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Healthcommunities.com, Inc., began with the launch of urologychannel in 1998. As a board-certified urologist in private practice, company founder Stanley J. Swierzewski III, M.D., foresaw the demand for online information resources for patients and physicians. Because it was so important that this information be accurate and trustworthy, the concept and practice of “physician developed and monitored” was created. The content on the medical information websites has been developed and reviewed by a panel of board-certified physicians. As a subscriber to the Health on the Net Foundation, Healthcommunities.com content has been reviewed and approved by a reputable outside source. Healthcommunities.com currently has a community of 30 medical information channels and has developed an extensive network of physician members through its Physician Website Management System, in which customized physician practice websites are created and maintained. Health care consumers are able to find providers through the MDLocator network, learn about physicians, download forms, and access a variety of resources that facilitate their health care decision making. From offering technological features such as streaming videos, to creating new educational partnerships with health care suppliers and practitioners, Healthcommunities.com continues to meet the needs of consumers and medical professionals who are seeking reliable medical content, resources, and tools.
Location: Mailing address: 136 West Street Northampton, MA 01060 Phone numbers for corporate office: tel: 888.950.0808 (413.587.0244) fax: 413.587.0387

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