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Great Job Demands for Registered Nurses

Nursing is one of the largest health care professions in the United States alone. Did you know that there in the US there are about 3 million registered nurses? Aside from seeing nurses in hospitals, there are other areas where there is a great need for RNs – like nursing homes, hospices, private corporations, schools, and even residential home care.

Aside from the obvious great demands for nursing locally and overseas, more and more people are opting to study nursing because great salary compensation awaits them, as well as job security.

There are actually different fields and areas where there is a great demand for registered nurses. With regards to the different fields of nursing, the anesthetists, delivery nurses, pediatric nurses, and psychiatric nurses are the most in demand.

Many registered nurses find the job rewarding and fulfilling. This is not only because you are able to help others but the job also pays well; not to mention you are given the opportunity to pursue further studies or specializations. Being a registered nurse in a big hospital institution allows you to get hands on experience and the opportunity to work side by side with esteemed medical doctors, thereby helping in a nurse’s learning process.

There is always a constant need for qualified nurses in the various medical fields. The nursing field is considered to be continuously growing, and is projected to create more than 2 million more jobs in the next few years. It is safe to say that there is a great demand for registered nurses today and in the coming years.

Because there is a great demand for nurses, a shortage of registered nurses enables these nurses to be given additional cash incentives or salary packages just to accept the job or to stay. The US and Canada are even hiring registered nurses from other countries such as the Philippines. Medical institutions do not hesitate to provide relocation benefits and other extended benefits just to get qualified registered nurses to accept the job.

The great demands for registered nurses are evidenced by the fact that nurses can also work outside hospital institutions. Registered nurses can also work in nursing homes, providing health care to senior citizens.

There is also a need for nurses in private home care and other health care facilities. Being hired to provide nursing care for patients who are discharged from hospitals but would still be needing constant monitoring provides a greater opportunity for nurses in terms of getting better compensation. There is also an opportunity for nurses to work in private companies and school institutions.

Nurses are considered one of the most important personnel in hospital institutions. They are the primary provider of health care to patients.

Another field in the nursing profession is travel nursing, which is just starting to gain popularity. Most registered nurses find travel nursing as a very lucrative career alternative. A nurse has the opportunity to have free travel, free accommodation, and you get better compensation as well. You are also given the opportunity to share other people’s culture and background. You also get to trade industry know-how.

There is indeed an endless possibility to being a registered nurse. If you take pleasure in helping others, if you are compassionate, and you can dedicate your time and effort to the nursing profession, then you can be sure you will be reaping the rewards in the future.

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